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Beetlejuice: Love is Not Dead

Chapter Twelve

{Flash-back} . . .

The Reception Hall was abuzz with a steady murmur of the guest as they chatted and ate the fine food that had been prepared for them. But the peaceful hum was broken when a loud scream cut through the room. Everyone looked down the length of the table to see where the scream had come from.

The Ghost with the Most looked up from his plate just in time to see Lydia begin to disappear through the table top, another scream on her red lips.


"LYDIA!" Beetlejuice yelled frantically, reaching out for her. His fingers firmly gripped her hand as he tried to pull her back.

Lydia grasped her best friends hand as hard as she possibly could, tears of fear spilling from her eyes. "Don't let go." She begged.

"I won't babes, I won't. . . Just hang on."

Lydia screamed as the unseen force continued to pull her away from Beetlejuice. Every second seemed like a lifetime as Beetlejuice played tug-of-war with the table top.

By this time, some of the guests had come over and had grabbed a-hold of the bride. And with the extra help Beetlejuice felt hopeful.

"Enough of this nonsense," Judge Mental screeched in his annoying rasp of a voice. "Get her out of there!"

The crowd of people pushed closer and all of them tried to pull Lydia out. But all their attempts were to no avail.

Beetlejuice used all the powers he possessed, but the invisible hands were much stronger than him and soon only Lydia's head was left.

The guests gasped as Lydia screamed and disappeared altogether.

Beetlejuice stared at the place she had been only moments before, his mind blank. He hadn't been able to save her, Lydia was gone. . .

A lone figure stood in the Dark Room of the Neitherworld Castle. He was a man who demanded respect and loyalty; he was the watcher of the Neitherworld.

This solemn watcher had waited many years for this moment but unlike most others he wasn't wary of the future. He was constant. He was dateless. He was a constant force of nature. For as long as anyone could remember he had watched over the Neitherworld and showed no signs of fatigue in his age old state.

The man, if you could call him that, watched the small bundle on his floor with midnight black eyes. Though he had summoned the girl an hour before, she had only just arrived and was still incapacitated from her transportation.

After giving the girl a few moments to recover herself The Watcher addressed her.

"Welcome, Lydia Deetz."

Lydia flinched at the sound of her name and looked around frantically, not seeing the man standing several feet away in the darkness.

After a second's pause he asked, "Or are you Lydia Juice now?"

"Who are you?" Lydia called out into the darkness, ignoring his question.

The Watcher smiled in her direction. "Would you be more comfortable if I turned on a light?"

"Yes, please."

The Watcher clapped his hands and the room was instantly flooded with light. Lydia blinked for a moment before her eyes focused and she saw a man standing by a large crystal ball on a pedestal.

"Who are you?" Lydia asked once more, caution clouding her beautiful dark eyes.

The man studied her and really seemed to ponder the question. He had never been asked his identity in such a direct way and he had to ponder it. Finally he answered.

"I am Mephistopheles, King of the Neitherworld."

"The King . . . ?" the girl repeated with wide eyes.

"Yes, my dear."

Lydia was silent for a moment as she gathered her thoughts. "Why am I here?" She asked.

Mephistopheles studied his crystal ball though it currently showed him nothing of interest. "You are here to receive your birthright, Lydia."

The girl was confused. What on earth was he talking about?

The King as if reading her mind, continued. "You are here to claim an ancient legacy that has been dormant for many years."

When the girl continued to stare at him incredulously The Watcher decided to try a different angle.

"Do you think that just anyone can travel between the Neitherworld and the Realm of the Living, like you do?" He asked.

"I don't understand. . ."

"No other human could come to our world without a formal invitation, Mrs. Juice." The King said using her married name.

"I am formally invited, "Lydia interject quickly. "Beetlejuice is my-my-" The words wouldn't come to her.

Mephistopheles raised one of his hands to silence her. "Beetlejuice was merely the one who introduced you to the Neitherworld. But you have always had the power to travel between the realms. You were born to walk in both worlds."

The King watched the girl with eyes that had seen an eternity, judging her reaction as he continued. "I feared Lydia, that as you got older, you would forget the truth and turn your back on the Neitherworld."

Lydia began to protest, but Mephistopheles raised his hand in a gesture for her to remain silent.

"I couldn't let that happen. I couldn't let you forget. So I watched you and your friend Beetlejuice, and constantly I tried to find a way to make you stay. As the weeks passed I saw the connection between the two of you and it was obvious to me what I needed to do."

Lydia's eyebrows shot up after a minute as what he was saying sunk in.

"It was you!" She cried out in a shaky voice. "You framed Beetlejuice, knowing that I would try to take his place!"

"Yes," Mephistopheles nodded. "I knew you would do anything to save him. . . Even if it meant a lifetime of imprisonment for you in return, you would save that prankster of a poltergeist."

Lydia felt anger bubble in her veins. How could this man have used her in such a way? Did he have no decency? She wasn't a freaking guinea pig!

"But," the King continued, "You ended up making an agreement that I had never intended. . . Against my intentions you made a marriage pact with Judge Mental for Beetlejuice's life."

Lydia didn't say a word as she listened, after all what could she say? This monster had taken her and Beetlejuice's lives and turned them around on themselves. Nothing was as it had seemed.

"You married one of the Neitherworld's biggest criminals." Mephistopheles said as he watched the girl who currently sat on the floor.

"Beej is not a criminal!" Lydia protested. "He just likes to prank people once in a while."

The King didn't argue, but his opinion of the ghost in question hadn't changed.

"I suppose it's my own fault," He added. " I shouldn't have pushed you so hard."

"Why would you care so much about me staying in the Neitherworld?" Lydia asked in annoyance.

Mephistopheles smiled once more, his teeth straight and pointy like a canines. Lydia heard herself gasp and instantly chided herself. She couldn't show him that she was afraid. . .

"You are the youngest of an old bloodline that has been key to the Neitherworld's function for thousands of years. The last one of your line to be gifted with transportation between the worlds was your Grandmother on your mother's side; Lidia Marie, who you were named for."

"Grandma . . . My Grandma knew about the Neitherworld?"

"Before your Grandmother Lidia passed away, she was an Enforcer for me. I knew her quite well, she was a lovely woman."

"An Enforcer?" Lydia was so confused. Too much information was clogging her brain and she didn't know how much more she could take. . . She was so lost.

"A Law-Man of the Neitherworld," Mephistopheles explained. "She kept peace in this realm for most of her adult life and then when she passed away she was placed in a one of the upper realms of the Neitherworld as payment for her service."

Trying to help Lydia understand he added, "The Upper Realms are what humans tend to call Heaven."

The two were quiet for several minutes as the knowledge settled. Mephistopheles didn't make a sound. He merely observed his crystal until his guest was ready to continue. Finally Lydia spoke.

"Why didn't she tell me," She whispered sorrowfully.

"You weren't ready for the knowledge. Lidia didn't want to expose you to this lifestyle too early."

Lydia felt tears in the back of her eyes but she fought them. "So I'm an Enforcer? . . . Like my Grandmother?"

Mephistopheles nodded.

Lydia tried to take all this in. "What if I refuse to be one?"

"Oh, you are welcome to refuse," Mephistopheles said. "But crime-rates is rising in the Neitherworld and with time it will be overwhelmed by it, if someone doesn't take responsibility."

Lydia sighed, overwhelmed. "What would I have to do, if I accepted?"

"You would catch criminals, enforce the Neitherworld laws and help keep the peace." Was the simple answer that met her.

"I need time to decide," Lydia prompted wanting desperately to be alone.

"Of course," Mephistopheles bowed his head to her. "I will have my son escort you home. When you have made your decision, you merely need to talk to Judge Mental and give him your answer and he will pass it on to me."

Lydia nodded, not trusting her voice to remain steadfast.

The Dark Room's door opened and Lydia stood and walked to it, forcing herself not to run.

"Good morrow, Lydia Juice." The King called as the door closed behind her of its own accord. "Fare thee well."

Lydia closed her eyes and fought to regain her composure. She couldn't fall apart, not yet.


The girl opened her eyes to see a familiar face. Her arms were around him in seconds, sobs wracking her body.


The Prince hugged her awkwardly. "Lydia . . . what are you doing here?"

"Your father wanted to talk to me." She said in between her tears. "He said that you would take me home."

Vince nodded, "Oh . . .Of course. Come, my dear Lydia. . .  I'll take you home."

Lydia gratefully followed Vince out of the Dark Hallway, and prayed she would never have to set foot in the accursed room again.
This chapter didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. . . When I wrote it, I got the feeling I was trying to make it as good as past chapters, but that it wasn't working. . . Hopefully it isn't too bad.

Please review and let me know the verdit on the wretched chapter. If you hated it, I won't blame you.

Thanks for all the comments, faves, and watches for this story so far guys! You are the best! :D

~:icontarnisis: :blackrose:
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Wow this was AWESOME :iconcheerplz:! In the last chapter I was left with my jaw open going "Lydia Nooooooo! BJ don't give up hope she will come back to you!" This one was great and I can't wait for the next exciting installment!
Tarnisis Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thankies! :blush: I'm glad that the chapter was good. :aww:
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