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Beetlejuice: Love is Not Dead

Chapter Thirteen

Mental watched the ghost before him with wary eyes. Lydia had disappeared into the reception table top almost an hour ago, and Beetlejuice still stood before it, not moving or speaking to anyone. For the first time since he had known Beetlejuice, Judge Mental felt sorry for him. For one's bride to be taken away on one's wedding day was quite the tragedy.

Judge Mental walked over to where Beetlejuice stood, and placed a hand on his shoulder, "Beetlejuice."

The Ghost didn't look at him as he answered, "What do you want Mental? Come over to gloat have you?"

Mental shook his head, "No Beetlejuice . . . I came to say . . . I'm sorry."

Beetlejuice stared at him with a slack jaw, "What?"

Mental cleared his throat uncomfortably. "You heard me. . . I'm not going to say it again."

Beetlejuice nodded but said nothing.

It was the first time Mental had said anything remotely kind to him, in the countless years they had known each other. It was a once in a life time moment.

As the two stood in silence, Mental cleared his throat once more and laid his hand on the ghost's shoulder. "You should go home Beetlejuice, it's getting late."

"I can't. . . I can't leave Lyds." The ghost replied instantly. "What if she were to come back and I wasn't here?"

Mental knew that he would not be able to sway the him, so he merely patted his shoulder. "Alright. . . Goodnight Beetlejuice."

As Judge Mental walked away towards the large reception doors a voice called him back.

"Do you know where she is?"

At Beetlejuice's question, Mental felt a wave of pity at the ghost's despair, so he answered him truthfully.

"I have an idea. . . . King Mephistopheles wanted an audience with her."

"Why?" Beetlejuice asked, his voice cracking with anger. "What does he want with Lydia?"

Mental shook his head, "I honestly don't know, but I'm sure she's alright."

Beetlejuice sighed and did something neither of them quite comprehended. "T-Thank . . . Thank you for telling me, Mental."

The Judge bowed his head slightly and not wanting to give the ghost the wrong idea, he quickly took his leave.

Beetlejuice stood in the empty reception hall and came to a realization. He was nothing without Lydia.

The ghost sat down in one of the abandoned chairs and broke down, a loud wail escaping his lungs. It was a bitter cry; a cry of one who had lost the thing they cared about the most. Beetlejuice cried, wondering how, he was going to get Lydia back. How was he going to save her this time?
Lydia and Prince Vince walked in silence, back towards the Main Square of the Neitherworld. The streets were crowded despite the somewhat late hour, and Lydia looked around with large eyes.

"What's going on?" She wondered aloud.

For the first time that night Vince smiled. "They are preparing for the count down."

Lydia looked at him, confused, "The Count Down?"

Vince lifted an eyebrow, "Why, dear Lydia, it is All Hallows Eve! Are you saying you don't know about the tradition of the Count Down for the Dropping of the Halloween Pumpkin?"

"It's Halloween?" Lydia repeated in awe. "I got . . . I got married on Halloween?"

Vince cringed as she said the word, 'married', but nodded, "Yes."

The girl smiled for the first time in what felt like a lifetime. Her favorite day of the year had been her wedding day. She felt tears filling her eyes, but it was a sign of happiness.

"Vince, will you take me back to the Reception Hall?"

The Prince agreed and they made their way through the crowded streets, to the Reception Hall. As they reached the doors, Lydia turned to Vince with a smile. "Thank you, my dear Prince Vince. I don't think I could have made it back without you."

"You know I would do anything for you, Lydia." Vince answered simply.

Lydia gave him hug, "I know, Vince. I know."

The two friends parted company, and Lydia entered the building, her head held high and her heart soaring. She was a Halloween bride!
I know nothing happened in this chapter and that it was incredibly short. But I've had the worst writers block for this story. ^^;

This chapter was written merely to get the ball rolling again. Hopefully I'll be able to make the next chapter longer and more exciting! If you enjoy the story please drop me a comment. I always love to hear from my readers. :aww:

~:icontarnisis: :blackrose:
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