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September 2, 2012
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Beetlejuice: Love is Not Dead

Chapter Fourteen

Lydia walked through the Main Hall which was currently empty and made her way to the room that had been used for her reception.

The small human slowly opened the one of the large double doors and entered the high ceilinged room. The Reception Room was pitch black and surprisingly cold; nothing like it had been earlier that afternoon.

Lydia reached around in the darkness searching for a light switch and smiled when her fingers came in contact with the small button.

The room was immediately flooded with harsh florescence light and Lydia blinked hard for a moment as she got used to the brightness.

As Lydia was getting accustomed to the lights a voice startled her, as it wafted from the far corner of the ballroom floor.

"Did you forget something, Mental?"

Lydia stared at the lone figure that currently sat with his back towards her.


The ghost turned towards the human girl, his yellow eyes bugging out of his head. "Lyds!?"

Before Lydia had time to reply or even think of walking over to him, Beetlejuice was standing next to her and pulling her into a bone crushing hug.

"Oh babes! I thought I had lost ya!" He wailed loudly as tears dripped from his eyes in large drops, instantly soaking Lydia's hair. "I didn't mean to let go of your hand!"

"I know Beej," Lydia replied.

Beetlejuice looked down at the girl's head with his teary eyes. "Can you ever forgive me babes?"

"Of course I forgive you." Lydia said, though it was a slightly muffled response due to how close the ghost was holding her.

Beetlejuice breathed out a loud sigh of relief as he pulled away from her. Then as he studied her. He seemed to be concerned as he looked at her.

"Are ya okay, Lyds? You look kinda pale?"

Lydia hesitated in answering wondering if she should tell Beetlejuice the truth about where she had been and what had happened. She thought about all she had discovered and how the Neitherworld King wanted her to become the next Enforcer, whatever that was.

The more she thought about it, the more scared she became, but she decided she wouldn't let Beetlejuice know. . . At least not just yet.

"I'm fine," she replied looking up at the ghost who stood before her. She could tell that he didn't believe her, and she suppressed an annoyed sigh as he began to question her.

"What did the Mephistopheles want?" Beetlejuice asked.

Lydia stared at him, "How did you know where I'd gone?"

Beetlejuice shrugged, "Mental told me the King wanted a word with ya."

Lydia rubbed her forehead and groaned as she realized she would have to tell Beetlejuice the truth.

Beetlejuice chuckled, "Was it really that bad, Lyds?"

"You have no idea."

They stood in silence for several moments while Lydia tried to gather her thoughts. Slowly she looked up at the ghost and took a deep breath.

"The King wanted to talk to me about a job."

Beetlejuice looked at her his eyebrows rising. "A job? All the theatrics of pulling you through a tabletop and transporting you to the Neitherworld castle was all for the sake of discussing a job?" He asked incredulously.

Lydia shook her head, "He said it was one of the greatest jobs the Neitherworld could offer. . ." As Beetlejuice stared at her she continued.

"He said I was the last of an old bloodline that has been the key to the Neitherworld's function for thousands of years . . . He said that he needed to make sure I stayed in the Neitherworld. . . at all costs."

"Why?" Beetlejuice pressed, his brow furrowed.

Lydia looked at him with wet eyes, sniffing, "Mephistopheles framed you, Beetlejuice. . . he framed you because he knew I would try to take your place. . ."

Beetlejuice froze his eyes blazing angrily. "He set me up . . . the trial with Judge Mental and everything!? He SET ME UP!?"

Lydia was sobbing so hard now she couldn't talk, so she merely nodded.

Beetlejuice had never felt so angry in his life. If he had been alive, his blood would have been boiling!

"What did that Bastard want with you?" Beetlejuice growled.

Lydia hiccupped as she fought to talk coherently, "He-H-He said I was . . . an Enforcer."

Beetlejuice looked at her in horror before his emotions once more flared and his anger returned. That was the last thing Lydia should have said! It was the last straw! Mephistopheles would pay, of that the ghost was positive. He Beetlejuice the Poltergeist would make the King regret ever messing with him and Lyds. The King's days were numbered!

Beetlejuice looked at Lydia and in that instant decided what he was going to do.

"Lyds, Doomie is waiting outside for you. Go to the Roadhouse and get some sleep."

Lydia looked up at him with worried dark brown eyes. "Beetlejuice? . . . What are you going to do?"

The ghost shook his head. "Don't you worry babes, I'm gonna fix this."

"Beetlejuice?" Lydia asked in a high pitched voice. "Please come to the Roadhouse come with me! Let's get some sleep and discuss this tomorrow when we've both had some rest."

The Ghost turned away from his beautiful bride, knowing he couldn't allow her to talk him out of it. So shaking his head he snapped his fingers and disappeared from the Reception Hall, instantly heading for the Neitherworld Palace.

As he disappeared Lydia cried, "BEETLEJUICE, DON'T LEAVE ME!"

But he didn't hear her. He was already gone.
Beetlejuice is on the Warpath! :omg:

What's he going to do to the Neitherworld King? What's going to happen!? :nuu: (Even I don't know, lol)

Thank you all for the comments, faves, and watches for this story! You are all amazing and I love you! Hugs and Kisses to all! :iconcocoloveplz:

Please let me know what you think! I love to hear your input on my writings and ramblings! :D
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