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July 1, 2012
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Beetlejuice: Love is Not Dead

Chapter Six

After eating their meal the two friends had spent the remainder of the evening watching scary movies and talking. Just like any other night they had spent together in the past. After several hours after the movies were over and the conversation was done, they had called it a night and gone to bed.

It was now the early hours of the morning and Beetlejuice was wide awake. He held onto a sleeping Lydia who was comfortably oblivious to her friend's wakefulness.

The truth was the Ghost with the Most was scared out of his mind, and for the first time in his afterlife he was being forced to face that fear. This time he really didn't have a choice. If he failed to be strong for one  moment the girl sleeping next to him would pay the price. Beetlejuice felt sick just thinking about it and he involuntarily shuddered.

Lydia sighed heavily as BJ moved and turned over in the large coffin bed so that she was now facing him, a smile spreading across her full pink lips. The Ghost stiffened for a moment, afraid he had woken her up, but when she continued to sleep he couldn't help but smile as well. 'At least one of us is having a knock out dream,' he thought.

Beetlejuice stayed awake despite the big day ahead of him and eventually the sun began to rise in the Neitherworld; bringing a beautiful pink light into the small room. Lydia looked a-glow with the newly found light and the Ghost thought how stunning she looked, even in sleep.

Beetlejuice carefully untangled himself from her, cautious not to wake her up in the process and looking back at her once more, he left the Road-House.

Doomie was still asleep, his engine gunning now and again, as he snored. Beetlejuice walked over to the car and quickly slid into the driver's seat. "Doomster, time to wake up."

Doomie opened his eyes and yawned and was about to honk his master a greeting when Beetlejuice stopped him by putting a zipper over his large hooded mouth. "SHUSH! Lydia is still sleepin'!" He whispered before he snapped his fingers to relieve poor Doomie of the zipper. "Don't make a peep!" The Ghost warned sternly.

Doomie blushed but did as he was told. But he made a small purr as a way of apology as Beetlejuice nodded to him.

"It's all right Doomie. I just don't want Lydia to know I've left. I need to be back by the time she wakes up, we need ta get going."

Doomie beeped quietly to show that he understood, and immediately drove away from the roadhouse. The car pulled out of the driveway and turned right, starting to go towards town, but Beetlejuice took the wheel in his hands and forced Doomie to turn left instead.   

Doomie beeped in confusion and snuffed at his driver, wondering where they were headed. And more importantly, who they were going to visit at this hour of the morning?
Beetlejuice hesitantly knocked on the door that stood in front of him, wishing he hadn't gone on an impulse after-all. The ghost wondered what on earth had possessed him to do something so desperate.

The door was dark green with little flecks of a lighter green mixed into it for texture. It made BJ gag. Only one person in the Neitherworld had a door like this and he was Beetlejuice's absolute opposite in every way.

The door creaked open slowly and a bedraggled Donny Juice stuck his head out.

"Beetlejuice?" He asked, large eyes slightly popping out of his head. "What are you doing here?"

Beetlejuice glared at him, "Are you gonna let me in?"

Donny stepped aside a large grin arising on his tired face. "Sure! Come on in, brother!"

The Ghost with the Most cringed when he called him 'brother' but made no comment. He brushed past him, entering the immaculately clean house. Beetlejuice scrunched up his nose in disgust.

"How can you stand this! There's no garbage, or smelly socks! YUCK!"

"What . . . ? Oh, you don't like it?" Donny asked a look of disappointment crossing his happy face.

"It's clean!" Beetlejuice said in revulsion.

"Mother always said that cleanliness was next to godliness." Donny contradicted.

Beetlejuice rolled his eyes, annoyed, and sat in the nearest chair. "Never mind. I didn't come here for perfection tips. So we can argue about that later."

Donny looked hurt for a moment before he sat down across from his older brother and asked, "What's going on Beetlejuice? It must have been pressing for you to come to me. . . at this hour. What's wrong?"

Beetlejuice looked at Donny and said the hardest thing he had ever had to say.

"I need help."

"With what?" Donny asked kindly.

"I don't know what to do." Beetlejuice laughed without humor, his eyes no longer holding their usual spark.

"It's Lydia." For once he said her full name.

Donny frowned slightly. "I hear you two are getting hitched this afternoon. Did something bad happen?"

"It's a forced marriage, Donny!" BJ spat, complete anger covering his tone like bile; making Donny jump in his seat.

"Lyds agreed to marry me, because it was the only way to save me! And now she's stuck here in the world of the dead forever, with 'me' as her husband." Beetlejuice paused for a moment before he whispered, "I've damned her."

The ghost moaned into his hands, "I can't make her happy Donny! She deserves so much more than I can give her. I can't be the ghost she needs."

Donny listened quietly as his brother broke down and then he answered him calmly. Giving him the best advice he could think of.

"Have you told Miss Lydia what you just told me?"

Beetlejuice shook his head.

"Beetlejuice; if she agreed to this marriage then she must have feelings for you. Otherwise you wouldn't be here talking to me. Would you?"

"But . . .-" Beetlejuice protested.

"No buts, brother. It's been obvious for years that you two love birds, were soul mates. You need to tell her what she means to you."

"Telling Lydia that I have feelings for her doesn't change anything."

"Tell her how you feel." Donny insisted. "You might be surprised at the result."

Beetlejuice sighed in frustration. "I don't know how to to tell her."

Donny smiled at him encouragingly. "You could always propose to her."

"But were already engaged?" Beetlejuice made a face.

"I'm sure she would like to be asked." Donny smiled, "And usually proposing marriage is a sign of everlasting love and devotion. It says that you love her enough to ask her to be your wife."

For the first time since he had arrived, Beetlejuice grinned. He stood up, no longer troubled. His face was no longer solemn and crestfallen. The Ghost was back to his old self; the Top Prankster of the Neitherworld.

Beetlejuice was back.

"Thanks Donny," Beetlejuice said patting his little brother on the back.

"You sure are welcome Beetlejuice! I'm glad to help in any way that I can."

Beetlejuice walked back to the green door, getting ready to leave. Donny followed him out onto the porch and by this time the sun was high in the sky. The morning truly had begun and it was going to be a sunny day, even though it was Halloween.

Donny took in a breath of the crisp air and let it enter his lungs slowly. Today was going to be perfect.

As Beetlejuice hopped into Doomie he called back, "Don't you dare think this means were friends Donny. Nothing has changed between us and it never will."

Donny nodded to him and The Ghost with the Most drove off to return to Lydia before she woke up.

Donny went back inside, smiling to himself.

"Everything has changed brother." Donny Juice thought in awe. "You have a heart now."

As he thought this Donny went off to get ready for Beetlejuice's wedding that would take place in a couple of hours. Excited for his brother. Beetlejuice's future had never looked so promising.
I wanted the too Juice brothers to come to terms in this chapter, at least for a moment. And personally I think that conversation changed everything . . . :aww:

On another note tell me what you thought, also I apologize for any grammar or punctuation errors.

~:icontarnisis: :blackrose:
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So emotional... Xp
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:aww: Hahahaha, indeed! ;p 
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Ok, try not to cry.....OH SCREW IT! (Bursts into tears) the feels, THE FEEEEEEEEELLSSS!!!! X'|)
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I'm sorry for your busted feels, dear. *pats your shoulder as you cry* 
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this was i think my fav chapter and i cant wait for the next one
Tarnisis Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you so much~! :hooray: I'm glad that it was a good read for you!
Hopefully, I can write another chapter to top this one for your favorite slot. ;P
wolvesandravens666 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012
this was i think my fav chapter and i cant wait for the next one
Lunari-Sakana Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
BJ: WHAT IN THE NEITHERWORLD POSSESSED ME TO GO SEE DONNY! (still cringing sort of) Though I have to admit (and if you tell anyone I will juice you!) seeing Donny really helped a lot, I really do love reading this!

Lydia: calm down Beej, there is no need to shout, I also love this story, I really like the part where Donny and Beej were finally nice to each other. Awaiting the next chapter with excitement!

This one was really good, it made me laugh and I can't wait to see how you have him ask Lydia to marry him!
Tarnisis Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Me to Beetlejuice: I honestly don't know what possessed you to visit Donny, but I'm glad that you did. :aww: You both needed some brotherly time. Him, more than you.

Me to Lydia: Thank you Lydia. I liked that Donny and Beetlejuice acted like brothers for once too. There is afterall strength in numbers. And two brains are better than one! (I know this from personal experience. ^^;)

Me to you: Thank you dear reader. Your opinion is always welcome and I'm glad to hear that you felt some good emotions with the chapter.

I think you'll like the way the B-Guy proposes. :iconawwloveplz:
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