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Beetlejuice: Love is Not Dead

Chapter Four

Lydia sighed deeply as she approached Delia. The house was spotless as always and her mother was in the kitchen making some sort of casserole.

Lydia stood behind her for a moment before Delia even realized she was there.

"Lydia," Delia said in surprise. "What are you doing home so early?"

Lydia looked as innocent as she possibly could as she answered. "They had a teacher meeting today, and they let us out early."

"A teacher meeting? Whatever for?" Delia asked turning to her daughter.

"They were thinking about adding some different electives next year." She lied.

"Oh isn't that nice!" Delia gushed as she turned back to her casserole. She added some grated cheese to her masterpiece and it was finished. "Lydia could you open the oven for me?" She asked brightly.

Lydia went over to the oven and opened it. Delia carefully put the casserole in and turned it on to 425.

Lydia couldn't stand being with her mother for too long, so she quickly excused herself.

"I'll be in my room working on homework. I have a report tomorrow." More lies emptying from her mouth. Lydia was amazed. Usually she was horrible at lying. But today she was very convincing. I guess BJ is rubbing off on me. She thought smiling to herself as she entered her room.

BJ was laying on her bed his hands resting behind his head, his eyes closed. Lydia sighed heavily and flopped on her bed next to the ghost.

He opened one eye to look at her. "Very smooth lyin' babes." He congratulated.

"You must be rubbing off on me." She said smiling.

"Well I am the Ghost with the most Lyds." Beetlejuice said proudly.

"That you are." She agreed.

"So what now?" The Ghost asked, scratching his belly.

"I have to wait until my dad comes home from work. Which should be in about two hours."

"We have to sit around doing nothin' for two whole hours?" He looked at her, anguish clouding his large yellow eyes.

She laughed at his expression. "No, I have something we can do. But you won't like it."

She swung her legs off her bed and stood up. She leaned down and grabbed her suitcase from under her bed. "I need to pack my stuff if we're not coming back after tonight." She said grabbing some of her favorite books.

Beetlejuice sat up to, but didn't move. He looked at her painfully. "Do we really have to work babes?"

"You don't," Lydia answered continuing to pack.

He looked at the suitcase Lydia was trying to cram her belongings into skeptically. It was far too small to fit everything she was trying to pack into it.

"You're gonna need a bigger suitcase Lyds," He teased.

He pointed at the suitcase and it immediately grew larger; big enough to fit all of her clothing and books.

Lydia smiled at him broadly, "Thanks for help Beej."

"Yeah, whatever babes." Beetlejuice said brushing off the gratitude quickly.

Then Beetlejuice went over to her closet and grabbed a handful of some of her favorite clothes. As he dumped them in the suitcase he turned to Lydia. "You know babes. . . you can visit Charles and Delia whenever you want?"

Lydia looked at the floor. "I'm not sure I'll want to."

She felt guilty for saying it but it was true. She didn't want to cling to her old life. She was more than ready to be with Beetlejuice and live permanently in the Neitherworld. They pretty much lived together as it was. She was never truly at home unless she was with him. She would miss her parents, but she had never felt like she belonged with them.

"I will miss my father," She admitted. "But I don't need to visit. Tonight I'm going to say my goodbyes and leave my life old behind."

She paused, "It will hurt more if I don't let my old life go." Lydia squeezed the sides of her suitcase, her knuckles turning whiter than they already were.

Beetlejuice laid his hand on Lydia's a small smile upturning his ghoulish lips, "Thanks for doing this babes."

Lydia blushed at his touch and felt her stomach flutter. And as she blushed, Beetlejuice had the sudden urge to caress her cheek. As he held her hand, he brought his other hand up and brushed her cheek lightly. He wanted so badly to kiss her.

He quickly retracted his hands and resumed grabbing clothing and chucking it in the suitcase.

Lydia smiled to herself; that had felt good. Not to mention the fact that she now knew that he cared.

That was all she needed to help her leave everything behind. The places his hands had been felt warm. She brought her hand to her cheek and blushed all over again, before she proceeded to pack her photography.

After they finished packing everything and zipping it up- which required Beetlejuice to sit on top of it while Lydia struggled with the zipper. Lydia looked around her room wistfully, it looked so barren without her artwork and photos.  

"Say the B-words babes," Beetlejuice encouraged straining as he lifted the enormous suitcase off of her bed.

"Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!" Lydia whispered and they were back that the roadhouse.

It took both of them, plus BJ's magic to carry the suitcase up the stairs and into Beetlejuice's room. It took them half an hour to get it in but when it was done they had killed the time.

"Good luck babes." Beetlejuice said giving her a little wave before he snorted.

"I'll see you soon." Lydia promised before she said the incantation.

"Though I know I should be wary. Still I venture someplace scary. Ghostly Haunting I turn loose. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!"

Both BJ and the roadhouse disappeared and Lydia was standing in her room once more. The girl held her locket in her hand looking down at it with tear-filled eyes, as though she was waiting for it to give her advice. She opened it gingerly and looked at the pictures it held.

She had combined two photos, one of her favorite ghost with the most smiling his wicked grin, and one of her parents when they had been at the park. She had Photoshopped the picture enough so that it looked like it was merely one picture instead of two.

She kissed the picture and closed the locket with a heavy heart.

"I have to do this," She told herself firmly. "I have to do this. . ."

Her train of thought was interrupted by her mother calling her to dinner. She took a deep breath and left her room.
Lydia walked towards the table trying not to think about what she was about to do. In her head she had planned exactly how the conversation would go but now she had gone blank.

She had decided to stay throughout the meal and then leave. She sat down at the table and was silent. She tried to gather her thoughts which she had no luck with. She just couldn't think of what to say.

She looked up at her parents; her harebrained mother and her sweet but skittish father. She had no idea how to say goodbye to them. She wanted so badly to tell them the truth, but she knew they would never believe her.

Delia finally broke the silence, "Lydia aren't you hungry?" She looked at her daughter expectantly.

Lydia looked at her mother, instantly shaking her head. "No, I'm not hungry." She cleared her throat. "I actually wanted to talk to you both."

"What do you want to talk about pumpkin?" Her father asked innocently, placing more mashed potatoes on his plate eagerly.

Lydia paused for a moment and then decided to say what she was feeling.

"I realized that I don't say the things I need to say to you both," She said placidly.

"Like what?" Delia asked puzzled, sipping her wine in-between nibbling bits of her casserole.

"Like how much I love you and how much I want you to know that no matter what happens I will always love you." She bowed her head in regret.

She knew she hadn't said 'I love you' enough to her parents. And that this was the last time they would hear it from her for a long time. She despised herself for it, but also was grateful for it. Her parents would have to believe she meant it, if she never said it aloud. And hopefully they would not take it for granted.

"We love you to Lydia Dear," Her mother said with her cheesy grin plastered to her face.

Charles, her dad looked at her with understanding.

He looked at her seriously. "Pumpkin, no matter what happens I will always love you."

Lydia knew when she looked into his eyes that he meant it. He was absolutely sincere. The girl started to cry against her inner-judgment. But it was a happy cry, because for the first time in her life she felt like she truly belonged.

Charles got up from his seat and walked over to Lydia and he got down on his knees in front of her. "You will always be my little girl." he vowed, pulling her close so he could hug her.

Lydia sobbed freely into his shoulder, for she was overwhelmed by all the pent-up emotion she was feeling, but it felt so good to let out. She wouldn't have changed or skipped this moment for anything in the world.

After a minute her father let her go.

"Can you give us a smile Pumpkin?" He asked tenderly.

Lydia laughed through her tears and smiled at him. Charles smiled back at her affectionately, before he kissed her forehead gently and whispered, "I trust you decision sweetheart . . . I'll be at the wedding."

Lydia drew back startled, but Charles just smiled at her and walked back to his chair. He started eating his dinner again without acknowledging anything out of the ordinary.

Lydia was at a loss for words her mind racing.

At that exact moment the doorbell rang. Delia stood up and went to answer the door, leaving Charles and Lydia alone in the dining room.

After a few seconds of silence Lydia spoke albeit in a whisper.  

"Does mom know?"

Charles shook his head, "Just me."

"How long have you known?" Lydia wondered aloud.

Charles smiled at his daughter, his eyes twinkling merrily.

"I've known for years, Lydia. I may not be brave, but I'm not blind. I followed you a couple of times, when you went to that weird place. At first I feared that you might be in danger, but after watching you, I knew that you were safe. . . Mr. Beetle-man is very good to you and you seem extremely attached to him . . . As I said before I trust your decision."

Lydia hesitantly stood up from her chair. "I'm so . . . so relieved." The girl cried out happily, "Thank you daddy, I love you so much!"

"I love you to pumpkin."

Lydia got up and left before her mother came back from answering the door. Knowing that she wasn't strong enough to say goodbye to her mother. Delia would never understand . . .

Lydia Deetz closed her bedroom door behind her and turned looking at her room one last time. After a moment she stopped crying and forced herself to smile. Her life couldn't be better.

The girl closed her eyes and said Beetlejuice's name thrice.
Here's Chapter 4 of my Beetlejuice fanfiction. I hope you guys like it.

I was pretty proud of this chapter when I first wrote it. Please leave me a comment and tell me what you think of the story so far. :aww:

~:icontarnisis: :blackrose:
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Goodness, I've really messed up your feels. :worry: Don't cry, dearest. It's only a story and I can promise that it gets better. *hugs* 
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