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Cheap Fanfiction Commissions!
Commission Info: 

:bulletred: Things I won't write:

- Sex or Sexual situations

- Horrific gore or violence

- Gay or lesbian pairings (I have nothing against them, I just can't write it)

- Anthros/animals (yet again nothing against them, I just can't get the mannerisims right. :hmm:)

- Mary Sues

- Or anything I find uncomfortable (though I usually am pretty lax) 

:bulletgreen: Things I'm comfortable writing: 

- Reader Inserts 

- Romance (non-sexual as stated above, though some good old fashion sexual tension is alright. ;p

- Fluff

- Angst

- Drama 

- Fantasy

- Comedy/Humor

- Crime/Violence 

- Abuse/Torture situations (as long as it isn't over the top)

- Depressed/Anxious/Troubled/Insane characters

- AU's 

- and OC's as long as they fit my non Mary Sue criteria :D 

Fandoms and Universes I write for: 

:bulletblack: Once Upon a Time (TV Show) 

:bulletpurple: Avengers 

:bulletblack: Labyrinth

:bulletpurple: Skulduggery Pleasant (though I have limited knowledge) 

:bulletblack: Phantom of the Opera

:bulletpurple: Beetlejuice (cartoon and film)

:bulletblack: Batman (cartoons, games, and films)

:bulletpurple: Peter Pan (book, 2003 version -Jason Isaacs Hook is a specialty- Disney, Musical, and Hook)

:bulletblack: Hunchback of Notre Dame

:bulletpurple: Beauty and the Beast

:bulletblack: Disney ( ask me ) 

:bulletpurple: Fullmetal Alchemist/Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (anime)

:bulletblack: Black Butler (anime)

:bulletpurple: Ouran Highschool Host Club (anime) 

:bulletblack: BBC Sherlock

:bulletpurple: Harry Potter 

:bulletblack: Lord of the Rings (limited- ask about) 

:bulletpurple: Hobbit films (limited- ask about)

:bulletred: If the fandom you want isn't listed above, feel free to ask me about it!:D :bulletred: 

Prices and how to request a Commission: 

20 :points: per oneshot, due to the fact that the stories I produce are longer (2,000+ words) and unique in plot. 

I can write up to a 2-part fanfiction, which will be 40 :points: in total.

-  I reserve the right to post my work online: if I write you a story know that it will be posted in my gallery for my other readers to enjoy -

:bulletblue: If you want a commission please leave me a comment here telling me of your interest, and then once I've agreed to take your commission, send me a PM with more information and the points we've agreed to.   

:bulletgreen: Your PM should include: details for a plot line (unless you'd rather I come up with something), your OC's personality/background/physical description, which characters from the

original fandom you'd like included in the story, and what pairing you'd like (if any) 

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Though I am not familiar with the character or universe, I must say that I am very impressed and moved. This prose flows very freely an...


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          :bulletblue: Killian x Reader: His Pirate Lass :bulletblue:

(Name) . . . (Full Name).

It seems forever ago that we met: a brief lapse in time that made all the difference in the world. One moment, lass that completely defined us; that made us both want for more.

I was intrigued and you were shy, but it didn’t matter; for we knew, even then.

Oh yes, lass, we knew.

Your cousin introduced us- unrepentant and unstoppable- a pure force of nature. Now, looking back I can see that it was all a part of her plan to ensnare us. Lyn knew us both too well, and despite my anger towards such a mutinous action, I’m relieved that she overstepped her bounds. And I shall forever remain grateful that she was so adamant in her matchmaking duties, otherwise, we might not be where we are today.

It took some time for me to truly see you, but oh when I did love, I was lost!

When I beheld your inner-strength and beauty, I began to drown, but was more alive than ever before.

It was September and a firm frost had already overtaken the land. Lyn had insisted I stroll in the last light of day to clear my head, and seek out her cousin before supper was served. Unwillingly, I acquiested to her whims- she said you were unable to find your way back without guidance- and set out to be rid of the rabid female writer.

I had gone to look for you at your cousin’s behest, though I didn't truly care to search. But as I was about to forget the meaningless scouring, I finally spotted you. I had somehow made my way to the docks of Storybrooke, thinking to check on the Roger before I made my way back to Lyn empty-handed (or empty-hooked if you prefer). But what I found waiting for me on the edge of the quay was enough to stop my departure.

For there you were love, standing upon the edge of the ocean harbor- boldly facing the icy surface of the sea. I waited, struck silent as I watched you- a woman I hadn't had the pleasure of knowing. For never before had I seen the likes of something so powerful.

You were surely a sight to behold, lass. . . The thought still brings the pleasant-like high of a dream state, and I know that the memory will never fade.

Your hair whipped about you like silk, playing alongside the wind like a long lost old friend. And your body was relaxed despite the tears that slid down your cheeks; the simple clothing you wore flattered you without exposing more than a glimpse of flesh. A sign of subtle beauty that I had never witnessed before. . . But it was your eyes, love- your eyes that made me stop and merely regard you. 

They were beautifully clear and (e/c)- contrasting and yet matching the sea’s waves. And as I studied them, I realized they held something the watery depths never could. They were fierce and determined, but still were  . . . tender and understanding.  They spoke of future deeds of kindness and meaning, and yet held no room to be treaded upon. They were unique and unmatched. . . They were the sea.

How long we stood silently together, I don’t recall. But finally, when you had drunk in the icy water long enough to turned around to leave. It was then that our eyes met, and your tears stopped. And in that moment of wonder, I knew that you were my future.  . .  As I looked into your eyes, love, I knew that one day you would be my lass, and I would be your pirate.

Our conversation after that point is hazy- I somehow convinced you that I knew your cousin Lyn, and that the evening meal was awaiting us- but it didn't matter. I was too lost in the new thoughts and sensations you stirred to care. A
nd as we returned to your cousin, matching our strides without a thought, I knew that I could never let anyone else have you. . . Because I needed you, love. . . More than I needed air to breathe, or the Roger, or even the freedom of the sea. . .  I knew that I would never need anyone more.  And as we both endured bone-crushing hugs from Lyn, I vowed to find a way to make you truly see me too.

To make you realize our bond, so that one day you would need me, darling.

. . . So that one day, when you finally loved me, you would be my pirate lass.  

 “You wonder how these things begin. Well, it begins with a season which, for want of a better word we may as well call- September. It begins in a forest where the woodchucks woo, and the leaves wax green, and vines intertwine like lovers; try to see it. Not with your eyes, for they are wise, but see it with your ears: the cool green breathing of the leaves. And hear it with the inside of your hand: the soundless sound of shadows flicking light.

Celebrate sensation. Recall that secret place. You've been there, you remember: That special place where once- Just once- in your crowded sunlit lifetime, you hid away in shadow from the tyranny of time. That spot beside the clover where someone's hand held your hand and love was sweeter than the berries, or the honey, or the stinging taste of mint. It is September- before a rainfall- a perfect time to be in love.

~El Gallo (The Fantasticks)


Killian x Reader: His Pirate Lass
This seriously reads like a Prosy love letter, but oh wells! :shrug: And yes I'm standing in as your cousin for this story! :stinkeye: Because my real cousin broke her leg recently and needed some Killian to cheer her up. (She's the biggest Hooker (Killian fan) I've ever known). :heart: So this was born and I thought I'd share the cavity-enducing fluff!

Also, I did no edit this!!! Bwahhhhahahahahahahaha!!! :iconlaughsplz:

Disclaimer: I do NOT own ABC, Once Upon a Time, Killian Jones (Captain Hook), Storybrooke, or you.


Tarnisis's Profile Picture
Lyn Tarnisis Harkeran
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hi! :wave:

I'm Tarnisis, or otherwise known as Lyn Harkeran. I'm not an artist but I love art, and writing stories. I am a fan fiction writer by trade, though I do write originals. I just don't post them online, because I have hopes of publishing. :aww:

Look at my signature for the website where I post my other works! :D


Some of my Favorite Pairings: :iconawwloveplz:

:bulletyellow: Rumpelstiltskin/Belle - Once Upon a Time

:bulletred: Mr. Gold/Emma Swan - Once Upon a Time

:bulletpurple: Rumpelstiltskin/Cora - Once Upon a Time

:bulletgreen: Loki/Jane - Thor (Avengers)

:bulletwhite: Loki/Darcy - Thor (Avengers)

:bulletgreen: Loki/Sif - Thor (Avengers)

:bulletblue: Jareth/ Sarah- Labyrinth

:bulletpurple: Thorin Oakenshield/OC - Hobbit

:bulletred: Skulduggery/Valkyrie- Skulduggery Pleasant

:bulletorange:Erik/Christine- The Phantom of the Opera

:bulletwhite:Beetlejuice/Lydia- Beetlejuice

:bulletpink:Joker/Harlequin- Batman the Animated Series

:bulletblack:Captain Hook/Wendy Darling- Peter Pan

:bulletpink:Dorothy/Scarecrow- Wizard of Oz

:bulletblue:Caspian X/Lucy- The Chronicles of Narnia

:bulletgreen:Snape/Hermione- Harry Potter

:bulletgreen:Draco/Hermione- Harry Potter

:bulletblue:Gaston/Belle- Beauty and the Beast

:bulletblack:Howl/Sophie- Howl's Moving Castle

:bulletyellow:El Gallo/Louisa- The Fantasticks

:bulletred:Eric/Sookie- True Blood

:bulletorange:V/Evey- V for Vendetta

:bulletpurple:Cain/DG- Tin man

:bulletpink:Vegeta/Bulma- Dragon Ball Z

:bulletred:Clopin/OC- Hunchback of Notre Dame

:bulletwhite: Gringoire/Esmeralda- Notre Dame de Paris musical

:bulletred: Zuko/Katara - Avatar: the Last Airbender

:bulletblack: Ichabod Crane/Abbie Mills - Sleepy Hollow (TV Show)

:bulletgreen: :CO: Mischief-Lover Stamp by lCE-KlTTEN :bulletgreen:

Loki'd Stamp by Zakuuya MARVEL Hulk + Loki Stamp by TwilightProwler I'm in Loki's army by MariaPereira Stamp: Team Loki by Anja-Z Loki Stamp by DevanTheNoob He's a God by DevanTheNoob Loki is Stalking You by DevanTheNoob King of the World by DevanTheNoob Loki Oh Hi There stamp by TwilightProwler Thor -The Dark World Stamp - Loki smile by The-GreenGoblin Thor -The Dark World Stamp - Thor and Loki by The-GreenGoblin God approves! by FoxedPeople loki's army stamp by Meriinu Loki Stamp 1 by veronica-the-fox Hiddles Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL Happy Loki Stamp by TwilightProwler Tom Hiddleston Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL Loki Smirk Stamp by TwilightProwler 3rd place prize by sternenstauner Thor 2:  Loki Stamp by DIA-TLOA Thor -The Dark World Stamp - Loki smile by The-GreenGoblin Thor -The Dark World Stamp - Thor and Loki by The-GreenGoblin You Got Trolled By Loki by DevanTheNoob
King of the World by DevanTheNoob He's a God by DevanTheNoob Loki Doesn't Think So by DevanTheNoob stamps loki (thor2) by pitchblack1994

:bulletblue: :CO: Honary Goblin Stamp by lCE-KlTTEN :bulletblue:

Jareth Stamp by Rookie-101 Sarah and Jareth stamp by HappyStamp I support Jareth and Sarah:. by Animeluver666Labyrinth Stamp : Jareth by dA--bogeyman Goblin King Jareth Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman Labyrinth Stamp : David Bowie by dA--bogeymanlabyrinth stamp by rainELL Labyrinth Stamp Jareth + Sarah by dA--bogeyman Goblin King Masquerade Stamp by SPStitchesMasquerade Ball Stamp by SPStitchesThe Goblin King Stamp by SPStitches Jareth STAMP by SPStitchesLabyClub icon 1 by OpenLocksLabyrinth Stamp : Owl Logo by dA--bogeyman

:bulletyellow: :CO: Dearie Stamp by lCE-KlTTEN :bulletyellow:

Rumpelstiltskin Grin Stamp by foolishsunsets Rumpelstiltskin's Rose Stamp by foolishsunsets Rumpelstiltskin Kiss stamp by foolishsunsets Once Upon a Time Stamp by irishiprincess Once Upon a Time: Rumpelstiltskin Stamp I by seremela05 OUAT Rumpelstiltskin Stamp by laughingdaredevil OUAT Rumplestiltskin Gasp Stamp by TwilightProwler OUAT Rumplestiltskin Stamp by TwilightProwler OUAT Rumplestiltskin Dungeon Stamp by TwilightProwler OUAT Rumplestiltskin Imprisoned Stamp by TwilightProwler OUAT Rumplestiltskin Stamp by TwilightProwler OUAT Rumbelle Catch Stamp by TwilightProwler OUAT Rumplestiltskin Dark One Stamp by TwilightProwler OUAT Rumplestiltskin Flourish Stamp by TwilightProwler OUAT Mr Gold + Apple Stamp by TwilightProwler OUAT Mr Gold Smile Stamp by TwilightProwler OUAT Mr Gold Nod Stamp by TwilightProwler OUAT Rumplestiltskin So She Needs...A Home Stamp by TwilightProwler OUAT Rumbelle I'm Not Unhappy Stamp by TwilightProwler OUAT Mr Gold Stamp by TwilightProwler

V for Vendetta and Beetlejuice fan

I support V by Tapangowa86 V Stamp by fuzzboy101 Stamp V of Vendetta by Iluvendure V for Vendetta by ttalktomesoftly V for Vendetta Stamp by IngwellRitter v FOR Vendetta stamp by Hann88
Beetlejuice Movie Stamp by dA--bogeyman Stamp: Beetlejuice 1 by StephDragonness Stamp: Beetlejuice 2 by StephDragonness .:SOMEbody's Excited:. by Goosie-Boosie .:I Support:. by Goosie-Boosie Beetlejuice x Lydia by Raneese Beetlejuice Stamp by CadetCutie Beetlejuice Stamp by Lady-Tuuli Beetlejuice stamp by DannyCat-X3 Beetlejuice and Lydia stamp by Ichigooneechan66

Now for some lovely fanart pieces, gifts, and prizes!

AT: For Lyn by TheLastUnicorn1985 Rumple, myself, and Loki chillin' together. Best half of a trade ever created. :iconthelastunicorn1985:

Tarnisis: Loki summer contest by angelz-devil Loki chibi prize from the very talented :iconangelz-devil:

Hobbit: Birthday Gift for Tarnisis by TheLastUnicorn1985 : Thorin and my lovely Dwarf OC Vargkom drawn by my wonderful and talented friend :iconthelastunicorn1985:

Art Trade: Vargkom As A Wolf by MegBeth my Dwarf OC Vargkom once more but as a wolfie! :flirty: My lovely new friend :iconmegbeth: created this lovely design!

Point Commission :: In Between by TwistedZepher The Cover for my Skulduggery Pleasant fanfiction drawn by the amazing :icontwistedzepher:

Tarnisis' OC Jenna by Santana95 Request: Rachel by Santana95 My amazing avatars created by the very artistic :iconsantana95:

AT: La Vadomma, sister to La Esmeralda by TheLastUnicorn1985 Christmas Gifts 2012 : PierrexVadomma by TheLastUnicorn1985 Some breathtaking fanart for my Notre Dame de Paris fanfiction once again created by :iconthelastunicorn1985: She absolutely spoils me!
:XD: Hahahahah, I know I've done a ton of them lately! But I just keep receiving them!! :iconlaughingplz: Can't get mad! 

Tag Questions are from the ever lovely :icontonystarks-girl:  who apparently loves to tag me :XD: lols


1.) What is one word or phrase that you are guilty of saying every single day/hour/minute/second? 


Probably ‘Shite’. :shrug: It’s a mild curse, but it’s a family specialty. Lols

2.) Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock or Robert Downey Jr.? 

Ohh Pfffffftttttt!!! How in the world am I supposed to choose?! I love them both for very different reasons. Downey for comical and sassy and Cumberbatch for the actual deductions and the anti-social aspect of the character. But as I said before, I adore them both. :aww:

3.) Tappi Bear: Donut Ninja or Tappi Bear: Bowling Ninja? 


. . . I honestly have no idea what either of those are. ^^;

4.) Supernatural, Dr. Who or Sherlock? 

Sherlock, every time. Not only because I love any verison of the world’s greatest detective, but because I have never seen either of the other choices. (I started Supernatural but I’m not far enough to judge one way or the other.)

5.) Tumblr or Facebook? 


Though I have an account for both, I’m not on either very often. But if I had to choose one I’d say tumblr. At least there I get to look at some eye-candy while I browse. ;p

 6.) Apple or Android? 

Neither, if I can help it.

7.) Favorite flower? 

Lilacs or Roses. I love white roses, because when I was little my grandpa used to give one each time I went to visit him. “A pretty flower for a beautiful granddaughter,” he’d say. Now that he’s gone, it’s a lovely thing to look back on. :happycry:

8.) Tappi Bear: TapTap Kick or Tappi Bear: TapTap Jump? 

I seriously DON’T know. :XD: Anyone here wanna try and explain it to me?

 9.) Nyanko or Rilakkuma? 

Yet again I have no idea. :rofl:

10.) Digital books or physical? 

Physical every single time! I love books and the day they stop creating them is the day I stop reading.

(Can you tell I’m a librarian at heart? Hehh hehh!)

11.) Favorite Book? 

The Hollow Kingdom: by Clare B. Dunkle. (I know I keep saying this, but I am in love with this book/series. It’s like a more detailed version of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth with the exception of the actual Labyrinth part, and instead of the girl leaving the fantastical land, the Goblin King gets the girl and they get a realistic and yet happy ending! Why wouldn’t I love this book to death?!)

12.) Anime or Cartoons? 


Both. I love me some Disney/Loony Toons, but I also have some anime obsessions too. (Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood) being my all-time favorite. :iconawwloveplz: I love me some Edward Elric badass-ness! )  

13.) Monster or Redbull? 

I’ve only ever tried either of them once or twice, but flavor wise I’d go with the Redbull.

14.) Favorite YouTuber? 


I don’t do a lot of youtube other than a brief song here or there. . . But if I had to choose someone it’d most likely be Peter Hollens or Taylor (can’t remember her full username) who is excellent at the violin. ^^;

15.) What genre of music do you listen to? 


Musicals, always. :D My favorites being (Jekyll & Hyde, Phantom of the Opera, Into the Woods, the Fantasticks, Les Miserables, and any Rogers and Hammerstein or Frank Wildhorn composition)

16.) On mobile devices, do you type or Swype? 


I don’t even know what ‘Swype’ means. So I guess Type. :shrug:

17.) What is your favorite season? 


Fall! :iconsobeautifulplz: It is the most beautiful and inspiring time of year for me! I get the best ideas during the blustery later months. :heart:

18.) Favorite fictional character? 


I’m going to save us all a couple of hardcore hours, and just say too many to name! :nuu: Lols! (If you really want to know, just ask me sometime. ;) )


19.) Video games or books? 


Books usually, though I always love a good- story based- videogame. :la:

20.) Marvel or DC? 


Both, cause Batman is my favorite Superhero. I grew up with the Caped Crusader and he left the greatest impression. Though besides the B-man I don’t like DC.  . . .and that’s where Marvel comes in. :XD:



    1.)  What is your favorite candy bar? 


Milky Way, Twix, or 100 Grand


2.) Do you have pets? If so, how many and what type? 


Great Dane girl named Edelweiss. ;)


3.) What country does your favorite type of foreign cuisine come from? 


I dunno.. . I like both Mexican food and Asian. . .


4.) If you had the chance to make out with one fictional character (and you can only pick one) who would it be? 


Loki. . . Rumpelstiltskin . . . or Steve (Cap. America) . . .  Dang! Why are you making me choose!? Can’t I get mack ‘em ALL!?!? :noes:


5.) Are you a fan of any sports teams?  Which ones? 


Jazz and the Heat (Basketball)


6.) You are given the opportunity to live in one of these three fictional lands for a year: Asgard, Hogsmeade, Middle Earth.  Which one would you choose? 


Asgard! :dummy: They have sweet combat training courses, sweet weapons, lots of drinks, and Thor and Loki!? Need I explain my reasoning any further? ;p


7.) What is your reason for writing fanfiction?  To escape from reality, to fantasize about favorite characters, simply to have a creative outlet, all of the above, or something else? 

That’s a wonderful question! :D And I believe that for me it is a mixture of all the reasons stated above and several more.

In the beginning I started writing fanfiction to grow as a writer so that one day I could write and publish original novels. Writing online was also a way to acquire enough readers for my work, so that if I did publish there would be people out there who would read the books. :giggle: But over the years my reasons have been added upon. Now I do it because I have sincere love for the fandoms and characters I write for, and because I enjoy sharing my visions with others who can connect and enjoy them too. I have never felt more happy or contented with a group of people than I do when I write and share. My readers feel my emotions when they read my work – positive or negative emotions, joy or sorrow, etc- and by sharing I’ve become closer with the people who share my obsessions. I’ve made dear, dear friends and learned to be more trusting of others. Writing fanfiction isn’t just a hobby for me now. It’s a way of life. :happycry:


 8.) Describe the best Halloween costume you've ever worn. 


Probably my Harley Quinn costume several years back. :meow:  I didn’t have any pictures taken sadly, but I wore an awesome black dress and a red jacket, and did full makeup and had my hair done into two pig-tails, and the greatest combat boots in the universe. :la: Not to mention I kept character all evening and sounded just like her (doofy bimbo that she is. Lols) It was great! :heart:

9.) Nutella or peanut butter? 


Neither, I’m deathly allergic to Peanuts and all other nuts. If I so much as smell them (let alone taste ‘em) I have to stick an Epy-pen in my leg, or run to the hospital. :facepalm:

10.) Do you need a hug?

I’m always down for huggy-hugs! :iconletmehugyouplz:

11.) Favorite fandom? 


Yall are evil to think I can choose. :stinkeye: My fandoms are my BABEHS!!!

12.) You roleplay? 


Nah. I’m too much of a perfectionist and a ‘writer’. It’s not something that I enjoy. Though I don’t bash on it, I know that other people do. :aww:

13.) Would you like to roleplay? 





Sure, though you’d never know it from the way my arms have ‘chunk’ instead of muscle. :iconlaughsplz:

15.) Favorite movie of 2014? Captain America: The Winter Soldier, easily.

I haven’t seen a lot of the newer movies, cause an obvious lack of funds. . . But I’d probably have to say X-Men Days of Futures Past.

16.) What TV show would you like to see get cancelled? 


I honestly can’t think of one. . . If I don’t like a TV Show I usually just ignore it. :shrug:


 17.) Favorite article of clothing? 


Shirt or Jacket (Hoodie). Depending on those two, I usually either feel awesome about myself, or absolutely derpy. :XD:

18.) Who is best pony? 


If you mean My Little Pony, I couldn’t say. I’m really a fan. :meow:

19.) Do you go to anime conventions? 


No, but I’d love too! :D

20.) Do you still suck your thumb, need a nightlight, etc.? 


I actually didn’t suck my thumb, or need a nightlight as a child. So I guess the answer would be no. ;p

While I was karaoking Bowie last night, my brother HolidayPup was doing a more emotionally beautiful song: Moon River. I was actually able to convince him to let me record his version and I nearly died. :iconawwloveplz: He's so sweet and has such a lovely singing voice. :aww: Gahh, I'm such a lucky lil' sis! Thanks Holiday!

I thought you wonderful ladies might like to perhaps hear what I heard. ;p   He didn't think it was very good. :facepalm: 

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