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Some Ships and OTP's

Some Ships and OTP's

:bulletyellow: Rumpelstiltskin/Belle - Once Upon a Time

:bulletred: Mr. Gold/Emma Swan - Once Upon a Time

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:bulletred: Skulduggery/Valkyrie- Skulduggery Pleasant

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:bulletwhite:Beetlejuice/Lydia- Beetlejuice

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:bulletblack:Captain Hook/Wendy Darling- Peter Pan

:bulletpink:Dorothy/Scarecrow- Wizard of Oz

:bulletblue:Caspian X/Lucy- The Chronicles of Narnia

:bulletgreen:Snape/Hermione- Harry Potter

:bulletgreen:Draco/Hermione- Harry Potter

:bulletblue:Gaston/Belle- Beauty and the Beast

:bulletblack:Howl/Sophie- Howl's Moving Castle

:bulletyellow:El Gallo/Louisa- The Fantasticks

:bulletred:Eric/Sookie- True Blood

:bulletorange:V/Evey- V for Vendetta

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:bulletpink:Vegeta/Bulma- Dragon Ball Z

:bulletred:Clopin/OC- Hunchback of Notre Dame

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:bulletyellow: Armin/OC (Attack on Titan) </b>



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Lyn Harkeran
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Scribe to Countless Muses

Hey guys! I'm Tarnisis, but you guys can call me Lyn! :iconwavesplz: I am fanfiction writer by trade, and as you can see I write for many different fandoms. I have been writing and posting fanfiction for 6 odd years now, and have hopes of publishing originals down the road. :D
I write normal fanfiction as well as Reader Inserts, and have learned to enjoy both. :la: I DO write commissions, so check my info and hit me up if you're interested in one.
Also, it is my wish that my readers share my journey with me, so please don’t be shy! I always love to talk to those who share my passions! :heart:

Also I have accounts on, Wordpress (Fangirl Scriber), and A03. To avoid plagiarism I will list my pennames for the following sites below. Lyn Harkeran

Wordpress = TarnisisLH or Fangirl Scriber

A03= TarnisisLH

Stamps and a lil' slice of awesome

:CO: Mischief-Lover Stamp by squidpark :CO: Honary Goblin Stamp by squidpark :CO: Dearie Stamp by squidpark

Pie Maker For Life Stamp by chao-girl86 Loki's Army Stamp by TheAnimeLord2013 FanFiction writer by BlackRainbow2327 Do Not Feed The Fangirl Stamp by LadyLiyan

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We Will Fight, Together. by Oreleth Vegeta Stamp by PixieDust01 Sebastian from Black Butler stamp by Xiahism Once Upon a Time: Rumpelstiltskin Stamp I by seremela05

Stamp: Beetlejuice 1 by StephDragonness Jareth Wink + A Smirk stamp by TwilightProwler SH Sherlock and John Laughing Stamp by TwilightProwler Stamp: Beetlejuice 2 by StephDragonness

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~Gifts, Fanart, and Commissions~

GiftArt: Kenshin Hugs for Lyn by TheLastUnicorn1985 : TheLastUnicorn1985

The Pool of Tears by zokwani : zokwani

Art Trade: Vargkom As A Wolf by MegBeth : MegBeth

Hobbit: Birthday Gift for Tarnisis by TheLastUnicorn1985 : TheLastUnicorn1985

Vday2015: His Little Princesses by TheLastUnicorn1985 : TheLastUnicorn1985

COMMISSION - Loki and Lyn by LadyMintLeaf : LadyMintLeaf

Dearie by Aurosai : Aurosai

“Come on, Loki! Stop staring at the automatic doors!” I yelled at my raven-haired friend. Currently, he was standing outside of the grocery store’s entrance, marveling in wonder at the way the doors opened and closed by themselves. His green eyes widened each time he witnessed it, his thin lips opening to form a small ‘o.’
“But Lyn, how is this possible? I do not understand!” the Asgardian replied, walking through the doors.
I shook my head. This grocery trip was going to take much longer than I expected. “It’s powered by electricity, you know the thing that powers the lights in my apartment?” I took his hand and pulled him toward the buggies before he could say another word. I nearly flinched at how his skin felt like ice; I doubt I would ever get used to it. After pulling a buggy from the pile, I began my routine grocery trip in the produce section.
“So this is where mortals retrieve their sustenance. What happened to
: MusicRocks14

(Dark, Part 3 [End]): Dancing - Commission
            The horses whinnied and the carriage shook slightly as its wheels rumbled over the cobblestones of the street. Lady Lyn Harkeran, nineteen and poised, sat on the edge of her cushioned seat, gazing out the window on her right. Her dark chocolate eyes flicked back and forth as she watched the passersby and buildings shift just outside. Her butler sat across from her, slender, long-limbed, and otherworldly as ever. His ruby eyes rested on his mistress through his drifting locks of ebony and retained a neutral expression.
            Lady Lyn’s fingers were currently wrapped tightly around the edges of a bundle of papers and trembled ever so slightly from excitement. Although she was attempting to contain it, her butler could see that she was internally quite preoccupied.
            “Sebastian?” She asked softly, for
: inkandparchment23

AT: My Lord Rahl by TheLastUnicorn1985 : TheLastUnicorn1985

Prize art for tarnisis by windrider01 : windrider01

Commission Updates!

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 23, 2016, 3:26 AM

Hey guys! I have cleared up my list of commissions, save for one that I'm still finishing up. So I thought I would let everyone know that they're open! 
You can find my prices and other commission info here:  Updated Commission Details
Ooohhh, also, I finally got a Paypal account! So from now on, I will be splitting my commissions down the middle.

For Original story commissions I shall use Paypal and have separate prices. While any Fanfiction commissions will still be paid for with points. 

So please drop me a line if you're interested! ^^ 

:bulletpurple: Current Commission List: :bulletpurple:

:bulletblue: Black Butler/OC - :iconsuzuongaku: (waiting payment) 


:bulletred: Deal with the Devil :bulletred: 

It was three a.m. in the morning and Sam Winchester was on death’s door. . .

Or at least, he looked like he was. Though for the woman who currently sat on the edge of the motel bed, where the man was resting, death almost seemed like a favorable alternative.

Halena, the woman who was actually a demon, watched as Sam’s whole body shook violently underneath the threadbare coverlets that laid sprawled atop him. His face, usually so strong and healthy, was now reduced to a ghastly pallor that would have made Death himself stop to consider the possibilities. And large dark circles ranged freely under his hazel eyes that were dazed with illness; not to mention his burning temperature and chills.

It had started a day prior, while Sam and Halena had been working on a case together. The day had started out normally enough, with research at the local town library and ganking a skin-changer who had gotten a taste for human flesh.

All through the hunt, Sam had seemed a bit off, snuffling and hacking out a cough here and there. Though at the time it had hardly seemed serious, to the hunter and demon. . . But as they had gotten back to their shared motel room it had hit Sam hard. . . Now almost a full day later he had yet to move from the bed.

He had been shaking, feverish, and coughing almost nonstop, and due to this he had been unable to fully rest. Which was beginning to worry Halena, despite her natural disposition of devil may care.

At first, the demon had assumed that the sickness appeared worst to her, because she herself hadn’t been sick in years. But as Sam’s hours of suffering ticked on relentlessly, she found herself questioning her original line of thought.

From his side, Halena now reached out a hand to brush the hair from his clammy face, and leaned down to place a gentle kiss to his forehead. His skin was covered in a cold sweat, though she didn’t mind it as she nuzzled him.

At the brief contact, Sam’s groggy eyes opened to regard her, though for a moment his gaze didn’t focus. After a minute, when he finally was able to see her clearly, the hunter gave her a weak smile, unknowingly breaking what was left of her heart.

“H-H-Hey.” His voice was completely hoarse.

She gave him a small smile of her own; one that came nowhere near touching her eyes. “Hey handsome. You still awake?”

Sam nodded, though with how violently he was shaking it was almost impossible to tell. If the woman hadn’t had heightened senses she never would have caught it.

Halena once more ran her fingers through his hair, repeating the motion in a soothing gesture, hoping to calm both Sam and herself. “My poor cowboy. You got hit hard with the nasty stick huh?”

At the strange phrase, Sam tried to laugh, though it immediately resounded as a terrible cough that left him gasping for air. Halena instantly regretted her choice of words for causing him discomfort, but didn’t let him see it as she placed another blanket on top of him.

“It’s funny,” she said, in hopes of distracting him. “Here I thought you and I would be having all sorts of fun adventures during your time away from Dean. . . Though it turns out I totally had the wrong type of adventure pegged down.”

“I’d rather h-have your version of fun,” Sam grunted, between another racking cough that made Halena cringe. It sounded like he was getting worse, if such a thing was possible.

“So would I, honey. But I suppose me babysitting you will have to suffice for now. We can play when you’re better.”

“Y-You promise,” Sam breathed heavily, raising an eyebrow in an attempt to keep things light.

“Cross my heart, handsome,” she returned with a bittersweet grin.

At her sad expression, Sam removed one of his hands from underneath the large pile of blankets and sheets to grip hers. Usually, if he had tried to hold her hand this tight, the contact would have been very strong. But now as he held her hand in his own, she had to support him. He was incredibly weak, and it made the demon feel emotions she had thought were long since buried within her. It had been years since she’d truly cared for another person besides herself, and the tidal wave of dread and absolute panic that now washed over her was more than a little overwhelming.

When Sam had first gotten sick the night before, Halena had quickly possessed the town doctor and gotten him an antibiotic prescription that was top shelf. But it hadn’t helped. She had tried cough drops, nasal and chest rub, warm blankets, cooling cloths, and at one point she had tried to transfer some of her demon energy to him. But nothing had made a scratch in his illness. It was almost as if. . . it was something . . . supernatural. . .

Halena’s brown eyes widened for a second as it finally hit her, though she quickly smoothed out the lines of her face as she looked down at Sam.

With each rise and fall of his chest, the man struggled to breathe, and it made her own chest ache to watch him.

“Hey handsome, I’m going to go get you some medicine. Do you think you can wait up for me?”

“Y-You don’t want me to r-rest?” Though it was phrased as a question, she could tell that Sam knew better. He could sense that she was worried, and though neither said it aloud, they were both concerned about whether or not he’d wake up again if he dozed off.

“Not until I’m in the bed with you,” Halena quipped, tears shining in her eyes, even as she tried to laugh it off. “Who else is gonna cuddle me like a teddy bear so I can fall asleep?”

Sam’s eyes showed an emotion that Halena couldn’t place as he brought her hand up to his chapped lips and kissed her knuckles.

“B-Be safe,” he pleaded, before letting go of her hand. “I’ll b-be here when you g-get back.”

“I know you will, Sam,” she said, leaning down to kiss him properly before standing and leaving the motel room.

If Halena had been mortal, kissing him might not have been the smartest move, but seeing as she might not be able to help him, it was the only thing that kept her from crumpling and weeping as she entered into the chilled morning air.



“CROWLEY!! YOU BASTARD!! WHERE ARE YOU!?!” Halena’s voice carried far as she stood in the center of an abandoned field, calling for the demon she hated the most. She had been yelling for him for almost twenty minutes now, and she was beginning to lose hope that he’d show up.

“CROWLEY!! SHOW YOURSELF!! I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR MEEE!!” When she was met with silence again, new tears flowed down her cheeks. Crowley was her last hope. She had visited all of her contacts for magical remedies and so far, none of the wares they had offered fit the parameters of Sam’s sickness. If her least favorite demon didn’t have something for her, then Sam would be beyond her care. . . and she would lose him.

“DAMNIT,” she wailed, pulling her hair as she dropped to her knees, disgruntled. “Crowley . . . please. Don’t ignore me. . . not now. Please show yourself.”

For a long moment, the world was still before a deep, accented voice infiltrated the pre-dawn atmosphere.

“Took you long enough.”

Halena’s misty eyes snapped up angrily to Crowley, who now stood before her in all his glory- dark suit and smug expression intact.

“Why didn’t you come before now!? I’ve been calling you!”

“Ah, ah, ah, none of that, missy,” he chided in mock annoyance. “I ignored you because you have a foul little mouth and weren’t asking nicely. What have I told you about manners? They go a long way and you could stand to gain some.”

Halena wanted nothing more than to snap his head off, but her pride was put on the back burner. The witty retorts could come later. Right now, her first mission was Sam’s wellbeing.

“. . . I need your help. . .”

“I am aware.” Crowley studied her with pleased eyes that made her skin crawl.

When she had first been thrown into Hell, it had been Crowley who had been the first to torture her. And despite her best efforts to conceal it; he had left his mark. Even now, as they stood in the human plain of existence, the dark memories of what his hands and demented words had done to her, made her stomach churn in disgust. There were very few beings that she hated more than the new King of Hell, but Sam’s life hung in the balance and she was out of options.

“Sam needs-” she began, but was cut off.

“Yes, I know. Moosey is in trouble and you’ve come to barter for a miracle cure. As I said before, I am aware.”

“Can you heal him?” Her voice was hollow, mirroring how she felt at the prospects that were staring her down.

Crowley seemed to think on her query for a moment before he gave her a knowing smirk. “I can, my dear. But it will cost you.”

“What do you want, snake?”

His smirk grew larger at the insult. “Snakes are actually very lovely creatures, darling. And what I want is a favor from you.”

“Specify now what the favor is, or I won’t agree.” For all she knew it would be to kill the Winchesters at a later date, and she wouldn’t agree to something like that willingly.

Crowley hummed appreciatively. “I taught you well. . . My favor is actually of a personal nature, and seeing as you’re the only one I can trust, I have decided to grace you with it.” He was obviously being sarcastic, but she didn’t move to interrupt him.  

“There is someone I need you to find.”


“A woman that has value to me. Let’s leave it at that.”

“I’ll need a description and name if I’m going to find her, Crowley.”

From the depths of his large overcoat, the older demon produced a single photo and handed it to his subordinate. Halena took it from him and skimmed over the black and white photograph quickly, though as she did, her eyes almost bugged out of her head.

“You want me to find her?

“Yes,” he said annoyed. “Will that be a problem?”

Halena shook her head. “No . . . But I don’t know if she’ll want to see you. . .”

“That is not your concern,” he spat, his eyes glowing testily. “You are to find her and inform me of her whereabouts. Understood?”

“Alright, alright. I’ll find your wife Persephone . . .  If you cure Sam right now without repercussions.”

Crowley looked satisfied as he held out his gloved hand to her. “Deal.”

Halena glanced at his hand hesitantly, unaccustomed to the gesture, making him chuckle darkly.

“I usually seal my contracts with a kiss, but seeing as you’re hot and bothered for the Winchester pup, it hardly seems appropriate. Don’t you think?”

Halena grimaced as she quickly clasped hands with Crowley, sealing their deal.  She knew that with time she might regret it, but for now she knew she had made the right choice.

As their hands met, the female felt an electric pain slide up her spine, marking their contract before Crowley leaned in to whisper in her ear, “He’s as good as new, darling. Enjoy your human while he lasts.”

And without another word, he was gone, leaving Halena in the field on her own.



Sam Winchester’s head felt like it was going to explode, though surprisingly it still felt better than it had, as he looked around the motel room. The change he’d felt had been almost instantaneous, and he was still reeling from the aftermath.

For a moment, he wondered what force had been called upon to save him, before he felt a sudden weight on the edge of the bed, drawing his focus.

He glanced up to see the familiar form of Halena, in her ripped jeans and tank top. It was a comforting sight; familiar and easy on his wearied eyes. Though he noted that she had tears stains on her face, and looked anxious as he stared down at him.

“Halena? What’s wrong?”

The she-demon gave him a shaky smile before she wrapped her arms around him and began to laugh and cry at the same time. “Nothing’s wrong, Sam. Not anymore.”

“What did you do,” he asked, hugging her back with confusion and relief.

“I did what I had to do, love. And it was worth it,” she promised as she leaned in to kiss him.

All thoughts of Crowley and her deal with the devil faded as she held Sam close. She had almost lost him. And now that she had him back, Halena vowed that she’d never lose Sam Winchester again. No matter what it might cost her.


Deal with the Devil
A commission for the lovely :iconaurosai: who wanted more Halena/Sam. (I hope you like it honey! I tried to have it suit your guidelines! :heart:

:bulletpurple: For more details about Crowley and Persephone (my OC):  A Flower's Thorns
:bulletyellow: A Flower’s Thorns :bulletyellow: 

It was early morning on a Monday (the devils day in working class society) and Mae Shore was reaching the end of her rope. This wasn’t due to any of the normal or mundane reasons, but rather the fact that she’d been on the run for several months without rest and had lost most of her strength. She never stayed in one city for more than a day or two, and once she started running there was no catching up with her. Or at least, not with any normal means.
Currently, the honey brown haired woman sat hunched over on a park bench, her chest heaving painfully as she fought to regain her composure. It had been a close call, losing the predators that had been tracking her, but somehow she had managed it. After days of zig-zagging through half-baked towns and sleeping in fields and forests, she had finally made her way to a bigger city somewhere in the Midwest. And once immersed in the large population, Ma

:bulletred: For the first installments of Halena and Sam's story:  Blood Companions
:bulletred: Blood Companions :bulletred: 

Not days, or weeks. But months. And it was all for nothing.
Halena sighed heavily as she pulled her bath towel firmly around her torso and lounged across her motel bed. In truth, the woman had been dry for quite some time, but having just received an unwanted visitor she had yet to get dressed.
“How the hell did he find me,” the woman, who was actually a demon, growled to herself as she raked a shaky hand through her soft brown hair, and stared up at the vaguely white ceiling fan that floated above her. 
She had been on the run for months; fresh out of hell and free of her dark peers and their torments. She had played it smart, covered her tracks and kept a low profile. . . but in the end her efforts had been nothing more than an embarrassing waste.
Halena had just stepped out from the shower when Crowley had appeared, saying they needed to talk. The meeting had been perfe
 and   A Day in the Life
:bulletpink: A Day in the Life :bulletpink: 

It was almost 9:00 in the morning, and the world was still, save for the sounds of birds and the fresh rays of sunshine that crept in the window. It was early spring: with pink and white blossoms dotting the trees and the first patches of sprig-green beginning to show.
All in all, it was a beautiful day.
Though Sam Winchester was oblivious to the wonders around him, save for the woman who was currently staring back at him. They had been gazing at one another for quite some time, and had acquired matching smiles as Sam’s hand crept up to rest on his bed-partner’s waist.
The man’s hazel orbs took in the familiar brown eyes and tousled hair of Halena (the woman in question) with an amused expression, and in return, Halena raised a questioning brow.
“What is it, cowboy?”
He shrugged, pulling her closer and admiring his handy work. Last night, before they had fallen asleep, he had covered her in kisses a

Disclaimer: I do NOT own: the Cover pic, Supernatural (TV show, franchise, etc), Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Crowley the demon, or Jared Padalecki. :aww: 

Halena (c) :iconaurosai:

The version of Persephone mentioned (c) Tarnisis 

Current Writing Projects

:bulletblue: Dancing into the Night: Chapter 19

:bulletred: Thor fluff oneshot

When commissioning do you like to use Paypal or DA Points better? 

45 deviants said DA :points:
28 deviants said Either is fine
12 deviants said Paypal



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