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Cheap Fanfiction Commissions!
Commission Info: 

:bulletred: Things I won't write:

- Sex or Sexual situations

- Horrific gore or violence

- Gay or lesbian pairings (I have nothing against them, I just can't write it)

- Anthros/animals (yet again nothing against them, I just can't get the mannerisims right. :hmm:)

- Mary Sues

- Or anything I find uncomfortable (though I usually am pretty lax) 

:bulletgreen: Things I'm comfortable writing: 

- Reader Inserts 

- Romance (non-sexual as stated above, though some good old fashion sexual tension is alright. ;p

- Fluff

- Angst

- Drama 

- Fantasy

- Comedy/Humor

- Crime/Violence 

- Abuse/Torture situations (as long as it isn't over the top)

- Depressed/Anxious/Troubled/Insane characters

- AU's 

- and OC's as long as they fit my non Mary Sue criteria :D 

Fandoms and Universes I write for: 

:bulletblack: Once Upon a Time (TV Show) 

:bulletpurple: Avengers 

:bulletblack: Labyrinth

:bulletpurple: Skulduggery Pleasant (though I have limited knowledge) 

:bulletblack: Phantom of the Opera

:bulletpurple: Beetlejuice (cartoon and film)

:bulletblack: Batman (cartoons, games, and films)

:bulletpurple: Peter Pan (book, 2003 version -Jason Isaacs Hook is a specialty- Disney, Musical, and Hook)

:bulletblack: Hunchback of Notre Dame

:bulletpurple: Beauty and the Beast

:bulletblack: Disney ( ask me ) 

:bulletpurple: Fullmetal Alchemist/Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (anime)

:bulletblack: Black Butler (anime)

:bulletpurple: Ouran Highschool Host Club (anime) 

:bulletblack: BBC Sherlock

:bulletpurple: Harry Potter 

:bulletblack: Lord of the Rings (limited- ask about) 

:bulletpurple: Hobbit films (limited- ask about)

:bulletred: If the fandom you want isn't listed above, feel free to ask me about it!:D :bulletred: 

Prices and how to request a Commission: 

20 :points: per oneshot, due to the fact that the stories I produce are longer (2,000+ words) and unique in plot. 

I can write up to a 2-part fanfiction, which will be 40 :points: in total.

-  I reserve the right to post my work online: if I write you a story know that it will be posted in my gallery for my other readers to enjoy -

:bulletblue: If you want a commission please leave me a comment here telling me of your interest, and then once I've agreed to take your commission, send me a PM with more information and the points we've agreed to.   

:bulletgreen: Your PM should include: details for a plot line (unless you'd rather I come up with something), your OC's personality/background/physical description, which characters from the

original fandom you'd like included in the story, and what pairing you'd like (if any) 

Newest Deviations



Just realized that my glasses are Shinigami Reaper worthy. ;p All you Black Butler fans will know what I'm talking about.

:bulletblue: Bucky-x-Reader: The Best of Times :bulletblue: 

You sighed dejectedly as you pinned the last loose strand of your hair up into your bun. Pure apprehension coursed through your veins as you gazed into the mirror one last time. You stared at your reflection far longer than you actually wanted, but seeing as you were trying to look your best, it couldn’t be helped. Though if truth were to be told, you still looked like hell. Dark circles surrounded your (e/c) eyes making you look like a raccoon, your hands were calloused from hard work, and your complexion was rather pale.

You cursed silently at how bedraggled and bushed you looked. Time had changed you; there was no question about that. The war had transformed you along with everything else in the world, and you feared that you’d never be the same.

You had once been a happy woman who worked at the corner diner with a permanent smile on her pretty face, and a itching in her feet every evening when the Ragtime played. You had been in love and the world had seemed limitless and fully of possibilities. Life had been good. Then your man had left for France, the diner had closed down, your father had died, and you’d joined the war-effort as an assisting nurse.

The transition had been severe, but you’d jumped headfirst into the work with utter determination. You’d had no official training, but all able-bodied men and women were needed so you’d adapted. You had left Boston, going wherever medical help was needed with your fellow nurses and you’d quickly found your place among them. Now you were accustomed to the blood and broken bodies of the soldiers. The screams of the dying and the tears of the lost were no longer foreign concepts to you, and you openly despised the fact. But still somehow you hadn’t turned bitter . . . somehow you had kept onto the ideal American Dream.

Then everything changed again and your life had once more been turned upside-down. The war was officially over, the battle had been won.  And as such, those who had survived the conflict were being discharged and sent home. Though you had hoped for such a day, you had almost thought it wouldn’t. So you’d said goodbye to your colleagues and gotten back to America- Manhattan to be exact- almost two weeks ago. Ever since then you’d been waiting, and today the wait was finally over.

Grabbing your patched coat, you took a deep breath and turned away from the mirror. Though it showed you your beauty had dwindled along with your innocence, you didn’t let it consume you. You’d worked too hard to survive; to see this day, so by damned you enjoy it without fear of not being pretty!

Leaving your room- you’d moved into a boarding house when you’d arrived back in America, due to having no living relatives- you ran out into the evening air, taking great gulps as you sprinted down the busy streets. You pushed yourself hard, running as if you were once more a nurse on the battlefield with a patient in need. You put everything you had into speeding down the alleyways, and it paid off. For as you reached the end of the industrial part of town, you saw your destination come into view and found that you weren’t late but just on time. From the harbor a great ship could be seen chugging into port, smoky black tendrils rising in salute as a loud whistle cut the evening like a knife.

It was his ship! You were in time for his arrival!

With a final burst of adrenaline you manage to run to the docks and stop next to a giant crowd of bystanders. These people- like you- were waiting for their soldiers to disembark, and you anxiously joined them in the eager waiting game. The minutes seemed to tick by like hours as you tried to catch your breath and watched the ship dock. Your heart beat painfully in your chest as the soldiers began to walk down the gangplank and be reunited with their loved ones. Face after face descended, but it was never the face you wanted to see. You felt disheartened as the throng of newly returned men began to lessen. But just as you began to wonder if it was in fact the right ship, you lifted your eyes once more.

There, just stepping off the boat, was the man who you had been waiting for. The man you’d loved for years. Well built, dark brown hair cut in the army fashion, a handsome face, and mischievous eyes that always showed just a pinch of mirth.

As you studied him, you saw that he was in one piece and seemed to be the same man who had left you. But despite this, you couldn’t get your voice to work, or your feet to move. You just stood there and stared, as if in a trance.

Slowly he descended and glanced at the crowd, his lively eyes taking in the happy families before he finally caught sight of you. Your breath got caught in your throat as his eyes met yours, and you felt your stomach clench. Finally the reality caught up with you. This wasn’t a dream. He really was here! He’d really come back to you!

For a moment, he didn’t move-seeming to memorize you- before a soft smile grew on his handsome face and he began to push through the crowd. With some severe effort, you were able to get your feet to carry you in his direction as well, and soon you were face to face.

He looked a bit tired- he had black circles to match yours- but the way his face was smoothed with positive emotion you knew he was glad to see you. Relief bubbled into your chaos-filled mind and you couldn’t hold back anymore. With fresh tears streaming down your cheeks you smiled back at him. He hadn’t forgotten you or moved on, he still wanted you! He had come back!


“Hey, baby doll,” he said affectionately, before he pulled you into a tender hug. You cried harder as you felt his arms protectively encase you, and for the first time since Bucky Barnes had left, you felt safe.

“I missed you,” you said with a joyful, albeit shaky laugh.

“Yeah me too,” he said, before adding playfully. “Cause ya know, they just don’t make dames the right way over in Europe. They’re all hairy legs and deep voices.”

At this thought, he mockingly shuddered and you laughed merrily all the while smacking his arm. “You’re terrible, James Buchanan!”

Bucky laughed, “Come on, you wouldn’t deprive a war-hero of his fun, would you?”

“That depends,” you said seriously.

“On what?”

“On whether or not you’re going to keep your promise.”

A playful gleam immediately entered the man’s eyes and his grin positively glowed. “Is it the promise I think it is?”

You nodded, and pulled away from the hug to tuck your arm into the crook of his. “We’re having a night out, soldier. You said that the first thing we’d do when you got back was dance all night and I’m holding you to it.”

Bucky chuckled at how ardent you were, but let you guide him away from the crowed pier without hassle. Once you were finally on your way, you stopped leading and just walked alongside him, taking the time to catch up with him and laughing together. Though you’d kept in touch through letter correspondence, there were plenty of things you had to discuss as you strolled through the city that never slept.

All in all, it seemed as if he’d never left. Other than some battle scars and some darker memories, nothing had changed.

When you were done with most of the excited chit-chat, Bucky stopped walking and took a moment to truly take in the sights. “Never thought I’d miss America so much, but she truly is beautiful.”

You followed his gaze with your own and nodded. “It’s good to be home. I don’t ever want to leave again.”

For a moment you both stood in companionable silence, admiring the buildings, peoples, and cars that passed by before Bucky took your hand in his and meaningfully lifted it to his lips. As he placed a butterfly kiss to your knuckles you felt your knees wobble, but luckily he didn’t seem to notice.

“You know babe, when you were talking about promises I had to keep, dancing wasn’t the first thing to come to mind.”

“Oh,” you teased sticking your tongue out at him. “What was?”

“Well. . . I was thinking something more on the permanent side of things.” At the curious look you were giving him, he added. “Though dancing is fine too.”

“Out with it Buck,” you said lovingly. “Whatever you want to say, I’m willing to listen. Even if it means I don’t get my dance tonight.”

For a minute Bucky stood regarding you before he reached a hand into one of his uniforms pockets. “I had kinda hoped it’d be more romantic when I asked you, but you know I’m not a very patient kind of guy.”

“What are you-” you immediately cut off when you saw what he now had housed in his hand.

Cupped gingerly in his palm was the most beautiful ring you’d ever seen. It wasn’t breathtaking in the sense of expensive gems or shining metals, but it was perfect for you. With straightforward craftsmanship of a simple burnished-gold band, it was quite a standard ring. Pretty but practical; something you’d come to appreciate during the war.

“Oh, Bucky,” you said. “It’s wonderful!”

Bucky winked at you as he gently slid the ring onto your finger. “Will you marry me, (F/n) (L/n)?”

The answer was leaving your lips even as you pulled him down for a kiss.

“Of course I will!”



You had never been very keen on white, but as you looked at your bridal reflection you found that you didn’t mind it as much as you once had.

Ruffles of chiffon and lace surrounded your body like a makeshift glove. Your wedding dress was delicate and encased your body perfectly, showing off your curves in a modest and yet enticing way. You were content to say that you looked like a vision on your big day.

Over the past four months since Bucky had been home, you had returned to your old self. The black circles were gone, and you looked healthy once more. Spending time with your man had done you worlds of good, and yet . . . there was something new as well. Never before had you been so blissful or carefree. In your entire life, you’d never been so sure about anything. Being certain of what you wanted was a good feeling, and you had thoroughly taken pleasure in it since you’d begun to feel the freedom.

As you snapped up the last button on your frock, someone knocked attentively on the door. You had been readying yourself in one of the back rooms of the church where you were to be married, so the knocking could only mean one thing.

“Come in, Steve!”

“Are you decent?” Steve Rogers was already poking his head in as he said this, making you roll your eyes and laugh.

“Would I be inviting you in if I wasn’t?”

The man shrugged. “I don’t know. Has Buck done something to upset you recently? You have been known to be spiteful in the past, (F/n).”

A pink blush peppered your cheeks at Steve’s teasing, for you had been a wildcard as a younger woman. But then again, you couldn’t have kept up with Bucky if you’d been a shy wallflower.

“Ha-ha, Captain Chuckles.”

Steve moved to stand right before you, and pecked your cheek. “All joking aside; you look great.”

“Thanks Stevie.”

The Captain hesitated for a brief moment before his expression softened. “You haven’t called me that since we were kids.”

“I know,” you replied affectionately, as you grabbed your veil and gestured for him to help you put it on. “But seeing as you’re the one who’s going to be walking me down the aisle, it’s appropriate.”

Steve obliged you and once the veil was in place- this took longer than either of you would ever care to admit- the super soldier gave you a brotherly hug.

“I’m happy for you, (F/n), and I wish you two all the best.”

You knew what he really meant to say, and it touched you. Steve had never been an overly emotional person, and despite being a sweet guy, he usually didn’t delve into the sentimental moments if he could help it. So when he so obviously said such a tender thing, the corners of your eyes grew wet.  But you ultimately pushed back the tears, lest you ruin your bridal makeup. You weren’t particularly vain, but seeing as it had taken you the better part of an hour to apply, you didn’t want to take any chances.

“I love you too, Stevie,” you said, returning the sentiment that he had been trying to say.

Captain Rogers’ cheeks grew a shade lighter before he recovered and gave you a gentleman’s bow. Then he offered his arm to you and opened the door with his free hand.

“You ready?”

“Yeah,” you said with a nod. “I think that I am.”

Then you exited into the chapel with your childhood friend at your side and your future husband before you.



All throughout the ceremony Bucky had made sexy eyes at you, and it had taken all your will-power not to laugh. Even in a church on his wedding day, the man was a charming goof-off finding jokes and reasons to smile. And you wouldn’t have had it any other way.

James Buchanan wasn’t going to change- thank goodness. You were marrying not just your soul mate, but also a friend- your best friend. You would never have to be fake with him, he’d always let you be yourself.

“Do you take this man: James Buchanan Barnes to be your husband, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?”

You beamed up at Bucky as you answered, “Yes, I do.”

The Preacher nodded, pleased before addressing Bucky.

“And do you sir, take this woman: (Full name) to be your wife, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?”


“Then I happily pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride, m’ boy.”

Bucky reached over and lifted the veil up, and you both shared a loaded smile. It spoke of things to come and hope for the future, as well as an indescribable wedding night. You blushed slightly as his lips met with yours, but you were soon lost to anything but the feeling of him. Bucky had kissed you many times over the years, but this was different. This was a passion shared between husband and wife.

The lip-lock was longer than usually would have been deemed appropriate for a church, but it suited Mr. and Mrs. Barnes just fine.

“I love you, baby doll.”

At the tenderly whispered endearment you leaned up to place another kiss to his lips- though this one was brief- and whispered right back, “I love you more, James Buchanan.

Bucky-x-Reader: The Best of Times
Here's a very late commission for my dear friend :icontonystarks-girl: who wanted 40's Bucky wedding fluff! Let me apologize now sweetheart. I have rewritten this several times and it never turned out as I planed. ^^; Hopefully it is a satisfactory story for you! (Oh and welcome back, I missed you! :iconcocoloveplz: :heart:

This was my first time writing Bucky! :flirty: How'd I do!? :nuu: This is a total AU so Winter Soldier never happened, capice?  :stinkeye: 

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the cover photo used, Marvel, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Sebastian Stan, World War 2, or you. ;p 
Commissons, Fanart and Characters
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Hi! :wave:

I'm Tarnisis, or otherwise known as Lyn Harkeran. I'm not an artist but I love art, and writing stories. I am a fan fiction writer by trade, though I do write originals. I just don't post them online, because I have hopes of publishing. :aww:

Look at my signature for the website where I post my other works! :D


Some of my Favorite Pairings: :iconawwloveplz:

:bulletyellow: Rumpelstiltskin/Belle - Once Upon a Time

:bulletred: Mr. Gold/Emma Swan - Once Upon a Time

:bulletpurple: Rumpelstiltskin/Cora - Once Upon a Time

:bulletgreen: Loki/Jane - Thor (Avengers)

:bulletwhite: Loki/Darcy - Thor (Avengers)

:bulletgreen: Loki/Sif - Thor (Avengers)

:bulletblue: Jareth/ Sarah- Labyrinth

:bulletpurple: Thorin Oakenshield/OC - Hobbit

:bulletred: Skulduggery/Valkyrie- Skulduggery Pleasant

:bulletorange:Erik/Christine- The Phantom of the Opera

:bulletwhite:Beetlejuice/Lydia- Beetlejuice

:bulletpink:Joker/Harlequin- Batman the Animated Series

:bulletblack:Captain Hook/Wendy Darling- Peter Pan

:bulletpink:Dorothy/Scarecrow- Wizard of Oz

:bulletblue:Caspian X/Lucy- The Chronicles of Narnia

:bulletgreen:Snape/Hermione- Harry Potter

:bulletgreen:Draco/Hermione- Harry Potter

:bulletblue:Gaston/Belle- Beauty and the Beast

:bulletblack:Howl/Sophie- Howl's Moving Castle

:bulletyellow:El Gallo/Louisa- The Fantasticks

:bulletred:Eric/Sookie- True Blood

:bulletorange:V/Evey- V for Vendetta

:bulletpurple:Cain/DG- Tin man

:bulletpink:Vegeta/Bulma- Dragon Ball Z

:bulletred:Clopin/OC- Hunchback of Notre Dame

:bulletwhite: Gringoire/Esmeralda- Notre Dame de Paris musical

:bulletred: Zuko/Katara - Avatar: the Last Airbender

:bulletblack: Ichabod Crane/Abbie Mills - Sleepy Hollow (TV Show)

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:bulletblue: :CO: Honary Goblin Stamp by Creampuff-Fluff :bulletblue:

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V for Vendetta and Beetlejuice fan

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Now for some lovely fanart pieces, gifts, and prizes!

AT: For Lyn by TheLastUnicorn1985 Rumple, myself, and Loki chillin' together. Best half of a trade ever created. :iconthelastunicorn1985:

Tarnisis: Loki summer contest by angelz-devil Loki chibi prize from the very talented :iconangelz-devil:

Hobbit: Birthday Gift for Tarnisis by TheLastUnicorn1985 : Thorin and my lovely Dwarf OC Vargkom drawn by my wonderful and talented friend :iconthelastunicorn1985:

Art Trade: Vargkom As A Wolf by MegBeth my Dwarf OC Vargkom once more but as a wolfie! :flirty: My lovely new friend :iconmegbeth: created this lovely design!

Point Commission :: In Between by TwistedZepher The Cover for my Skulduggery Pleasant fanfiction drawn by the amazing :icontwistedzepher:

Tarnisis' OC Jenna by Santana95 Request: Rachel by Santana95 My amazing avatars created by the very artistic :iconsantana95:

AT: La Vadomma, sister to La Esmeralda by TheLastUnicorn1985 Christmas Gifts 2012 : PierrexVadomma by TheLastUnicorn1985 Some breathtaking fanart for my Notre Dame de Paris fanfiction once again created by :iconthelastunicorn1985: She absolutely spoils me!
This week has been a monster. My internet went off just in time for FMA day (Oct. 3rd), my lights and gas were cut off for a day, my car died and I have no means to get it fixed, I am currently unemployed, and I'm being tormented by writers block. :worry: It seems like the universe is taking a dump on me lately, and honestly I'm sick of it. I can't seem to do anything right and I keep disappointing those who need me the most. I'm so so darn frustrated and lost. . . Ick. . . And depression and me are never a good mix. With my past of somewhat hateful thoughts, I always try to keep myself upbeat. But this week it's been very hard to stay postive. 

Anyway, I just wanted to update you guys on why I disappeared for a couple days. I'm doing alright other than the things I stated, and I'm trying to get some more writing done. I have the requests to finish and then I have to update several of my regular stories: Hypnotizer, Second Star to the Right, Redemption, etc.  

Thank you guys for always being so lovely and sweet, I love you and appreciate all the support you give me. :heart: Hope you guys are doing alright. 

Requests have been closed~

Hey babehs! :iconcocoloveplz: We reached 400 watchers! :iconbummy2: So you know what that means! I'm opening 6 request slots to celebrate! ;p 

So here's the dealio, please read the rest of this journal to find out how to request a XReader and my rules for it.  

  • First, these are ONLY Reader Insert requests. 
  • You MUST be one of my Watchers
  • I maintain the right to refuse a request if it doesn't suit me or my writing ethic. 
  • The first six people to comment who have suitable requests that I am comfortable with will have the slots.
  • You may ask me to come up with a plot or personally present one yourself, but if it is too complicated or too much I might refuse. 
  • I will only write stories from the list of fandoms I will present below.
  • It might take me some time to write and post your request due to my other stories and life engagements, but I will do my best to get them done in a timely manner. :aww: 
  • I will add peoples names and their request pairing to this journal when I have all 6 requests filled. And if you don't get a request, I will be opening cheap X-Reader commissions soon so you'll have your chance! :blush:

  • You can specify what kind of reader story you want: Child Reader, Sick Reader, Pregnant Reader, Overweight Reader, Shy Reader, Nerdy Reader etc. (Have fun with it lovelies!) 

Fandoms List:

(I will only take requests from these particular universes) 

:bulletred: Avengers (Thor, Loki, Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Banner, etc.) 

:bulletyellow: X-Men (Wolverine, Magneto, Professor X)

:bulletpurple: Batman - Nolan Verse, the Animated Series, Arkham Videogames (Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, Riddler, Black Mask, etc.) 

:bulletblack: Black Butler (Sebastian Michaelis, Ciel Phantomhive, Grell Sutcliff)

:bulletblue: BBC Sherlock (Sherlock Holmes)

I had two people request at the exact same time so I've decided to humor peeps and do 7 requests. ;p Never say I don't love yall, lols! :XD:

:bulletred: For those who have requested and I've accepted, please check your slot and make sure that I've gotten your request correct. 

1.) William T. Spears X Reaper Reader (requested by :iconknucklesechemerald: ) COMPLETED

2.) Young Magneto X Reader (requested by :iconaurosai: ) COMPLETED

3.) Wolverine X Reader (requested by :iconbeccyboo123:

4.) Loki X Reader (requested by :iconmaddchaos:

5.) Sebastian X Shy Reader (requested by :icongamergyrl:

6.) Sebastian X Angel Reader (requested by :iconseadragon99: 

Thanks guys! I'll get started on these right away! :iconcocoloveplz: 


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