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:bulletred: Things I won't write:

- Sex or Sexual situations

- Horrific gore or violence

- Gay or lesbian pairings (I have nothing against them, I just can't write it)

- Anthros/animals (yet again nothing against them, I just can't get the mannerisims right. :hmm:)

- Mary Sues

- Or anything I find uncomfortable (though I usually am pretty lax) 

:bulletgreen: Things I'm comfortable writing: 

- Reader Inserts 

- Romance (non-sexual as stated above, though some good old fashion sexual tension is alright. ;p

- Fluff

- Angst

- Drama 

- Fantasy

- Comedy/Humor

- Crime/Violence 

- Abuse/Torture situations (as long as it isn't over the top)

- Depressed/Anxious/Troubled/Insane characters

- AU's 

- and OC's as long as they fit my non Mary Sue criteria :D 

Fandoms and Universes I write for: 

:bulletblack: Once Upon a Time (TV Show) 

:bulletpurple: Avengers 

:bulletblack: Labyrinth

:bulletpurple: Skulduggery Pleasant (though I have limited knowledge) 

:bulletblack: Phantom of the Opera

:bulletpurple: Beetlejuice (cartoon and film)

:bulletblack: Batman (cartoons, games, and films)

:bulletpurple: Peter Pan (book, 2003 version -Jason Isaacs Hook is a specialty- Disney, Musical, and Hook)

:bulletblack: Hunchback of Notre Dame

:bulletpurple: Beauty and the Beast

:bulletblack: Disney ( ask me ) 

:bulletpurple: Fullmetal Alchemist/Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (anime)

:bulletblack: Black Butler (anime)

:bulletpurple: Ouran Highschool Host Club (anime) 

:bulletblack: BBC Sherlock

:bulletpurple: Harry Potter 

:bulletblack: Lord of the Rings (limited- ask about) 

:bulletpurple: Hobbit films (limited- ask about)

:bulletred: If the fandom you want isn't listed above, feel free to ask me about it!:D :bulletred: 

Prices and how to request a Commission: 

20 :points: per oneshot, due to the fact that the stories I produce are longer (2,000+ words) and unique in plot. 

I can write up to a 2-part fanfiction, which will be 40 :points: in total.

-  I reserve the right to post my work online: if I write you a story know that it will be posted in my gallery for my other readers to enjoy -

:bulletblue: If you want a commission please leave me a comment here telling me of your interest, and then once I've agreed to take your commission, send me a PM with more information and the points we've agreed to.   

:bulletgreen: Your PM should include: details for a plot line (unless you'd rather I come up with something), your OC's personality/background/physical description, which characters from the

original fandom you'd like included in the story, and what pairing you'd like (if any) 

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 :bulletblack: Snape-x-Reader: Hope :bulletblack: 

(F/n) held onto him; not with her hands or voice, but with the absolute power of her eyes. Those eyes that always displayed whatever emotion she was feeling in a moment. Always observant of things that should have been beyond her hope of grasping; always seeing past the surface to what was housed underneath, always seeking out those who needed her help.

The windows to her soul were (e/c); it wasn’t the color that made them shine, but rather the feeling that was incessantly building up behind them. Even at times when she was dulled or tired they shone bright . . . Even now when she was being desecrated, (F/n)’s eyes remained full and beautiful.

Severus Snape had been careful to keep his face passive as the Dark Lord tortured her, with more foul spells than could be named, but internally he trembled. For more years than he could count, the Potions Master had played the faithful spy and turncoat. He had given accurate information to both sides of the conflict to stay in good graces- which always came at a price. But despite all the pain that his involvement had caused, there had only been one time when Severus had felt tormented. Out of a lifetime of destruction and lies, only one death had ever truly touched him- and it was that of Lily Potter.

Now as Snape watched the woman he had come to appreciate, be destroyed piece by piece, he knew that he would feel the same heart-shattering despair when she was claimed by death. Two people would be added to the list of his regret, and there was no hope of cleaning the slate.

When (F/n) Snape was gone, Severus would mourn her.

From his place, standing with the other Death-Eaters, the former Potions Master waited for the end to come by Voldemort’s’ hand . . . but it never did. For hours upon hours he had taunted, hurt, and defiled her but instead of delivering the final blow, the Dark Lord turned to face his Death Eaters.

Severus felt his jaw clench- luckily it was unnoticeable- when he realized what was to come. It was a truly terrible thing to feel helpless in your life, and have no power whatsoever to change it, and yet this was the case. There was nothing he could reasonably do; Snape could only silently observe and wait for the ax to fall.

“My friends,” Voldemort addressed them in his snake-like way of speaking, with soft and dangerous tones. “I have provided entertainment for you this evening, but in doing so; I have been unable to enjoy it myself.”

The Dark Lord took his dear sweet time looking into the faces of those around him, an evil glint in his strange eyes as he continued to prove Snape’s assumption correct.  

“Who will have the honor of finishing the task?”

Snape, without moving his head, glanced around him taking in the familiar and dreaded faces. There was no mercy to be had in this pack of wolves; nothing other than blood lust and the stench of fear entered their midst.

If he did nothing, (F/n) would experience more pain than anyone should ever have to. But if he tried to stop it from happening, they would both be killed instantly. So the man acted upon the only other option that was available to him.

Never moving, he addressed the humanoid-snake.  

“I will finish her off, my lord.”

As Snape’s voice echoed in the dungeon-like room, all eyes turned to regard him- (F/n)’s included though he refrained from meeting hers. For a moment all was silent- the air thick with apprehension- before Voldemort gave a short laugh quite similar sounding to a hiss.

“You never fail to impress me with your loyalty, Severus,” he answered. “Though I thought that you would rather have someone else torture your wife.”

Snape held his ground, his countenance relaying boredom and nonchalance, when he was already grieving the command he was about to carry out.

“It was an arranged marriage,” he replied, “As my lord knows.”

Voldemort studied him closely then. “But does she really mean so little to you? A woman that has taken on your family title; who has been with you for nearly five years? You would hurt her? Kill her?”

This was a test, and it was one that Snape couldn’t afford to lose.

“I would,” he said never breaking character, “If it was what you desired.”

The Dark Lord stared at Severus for a long, unearthly moment before a debauched smile covered his reptilian lips. The sight was enough of an answer, but he said it aloud anyway.

“I do desire it, Severus. So very, very much.”

Snape nodded once, his dark robes feeling heavy, as he moved forward from the crowd of Death-Eaters and accepted what was about to happen. He glided past Voldemort with another incline of his head- showing respect he didn’t feel-before he stood before what remained of his wife. Deliberately he pulled out his wand from where it was housed within his robe sleeve, and held it in up his hand.

It was true that he and (F/n) had been married for convenience to assist the Order, but as time had worn on their relationship had become more than a simple cover. It had turned into something that both clung to and depended on, as darker and darker events that had spiraled out of their control. During their time at Hogwarts, before Dumbledore’s death, they had taught classes- Potions and Ancient Runes- and lived together amiably. They had grown to care for each other . . .  and now it was all coming to an end.

Severus Snape looked down into (F/n)’s lively eyes, and for the first time, let her see what he kept inside his soul.

It was a flash of feelings and memories, but most importantly a message. Regret.  Regret for what he had done to her in the past, and what he was about to do to her now. He knew that forgiveness was impossible, now that he was betraying her, but he freely displayed his remorse for her keen eyes to see.

This exchange only lasted for a second- but in that lapse more information had been passed between the two than could be comprehended by a third party.

I’m sorry, he said silently with his obsidian eyes as he raised his wand. Please forgive me.

I always will, Severus.

The response was a surprise to him; and it made the burden in his heart even more acute. Sweet and as naïve as ever, (F/n) was facing his betrayal with hope. Her (e/c) eyes showed a happiness and affection that should have disappeared hours ago, as she met his gaze with her own vibrant one. There was no fear, only faith.

Goodbye, Severus, her eyes said clearly. I love you.

Snape wasted no more time- feeling the unforgivable curse escape his lips- and felt the edges of his eyes prickle with tears. As he heard her cry out in agony, and searched her eyes even as they rolled back into her head, the man hated himself. He would have ceased the curse and tried a different tactic, but (F/n)’s fate would be infinitely worse if the Dark Lord knew that he cared for her, so Snape didn’t stop and no tear fell to his cheek.

Time went on indefinitely- minutes blurring into hours- until (F/n) could no longer scream. Her body convulsed silently, and Severus watched helplessly as the remaining life drained from her. And as it did, all the man’s hopes died along with her, for deep down Severus Snape had loved (F/n) too.


Snape-x-Reader: Hope
This is the second story I've written recently that features torture/abuse and something to do with eyes. . . I guess being depressed and reading Edgar Allen Poe isn't the smartest thing to do. . . ^^; 

This is my first Snape x Reader and I'm rather nervous. . . Was the Rickman goodness flowing? Or did I ruin it? :noes: Fingers crossed. This was an emotional story, but hopefully your feels are still intact (mine aren't).

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the cover photo used, the Harry Potter books or movies, Severus Snape, Alan Rickman (:tears:), Voldemort, or your feels. 

:bulletyellow: Family Unity :bulletyellow: 

Baelfire was gone. He wasn’t coming back; no matter how untimely his death had been, or what price those who had lost him were willing to pay. The Dark One’s son was forever departed, and nothing could change that.

Rumpelstiltskin knew this- had known it since the moment Bae had taken his last breath- and yet it still haunted him relentlessly. For years uncounted, the man had sought his son. He had longed to make things right; to finally have a happy ending with his boy by his side. And now that was impossible. . . He had lost his child again- though this time not even a Dark Curse could bring him back. After years of having one objective that drove him in all things, he was empty and distraught. True, Rumple had Belle- he was quite happily married- but his heart still ached for his boy. He’d been clinging to Bae for so long that he didn’t know how to let him go, despite the fact that nothing would change.  

So he refused to let go and forget. 

Every day like clockwork, Rumpelstiltskin would walk through Storybrooke and enter the cemetery with a single red rose in hand. The man would spend an hour at his son’s grave, talking and crying beside the child he had loved so desperately, before placing the rose down before the stone and retreating back to his Pawnshop, or the Library to spend time with Belle.

This routine went on for about a week before the Dark One noticed the intrusion.

The first handful of times that he left a rose behind for Bae, it remained untouched- and left alone in the place where he had set it. But as the days passed, the rose was no longer alone.

Now, when Rumple came to Bae’s grave, his red rose was accompanied by one of the purest white. The stunning flowers would lay, side by side against the marble stone- a solemn promise of remembrance and love for the deceased.

Rumpelstiltskin began changing his routine- so he could find out who was leaving the white roses- but as more time passed he drew no closer to discovering the person. Day after day, visit after visit, the white roses were placed until it became something of a comfort to the Dark One. Though Bae had been respected by many of the residents of Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest, Rumple had never seen nor heard of anyone save himself and Belle going to the grave after the funeral. . . Well, besides the secret visitor who still was unknown.

But despite the curiosity that the whole situation provoked, Rumpelstiltskin was relieved that someone else cared enough to leave the tokens behind. A rose didn’t do much in the scheme of things, but to Rumple it was a God send in a time of need. Someone cared. And it was enough.

For two months this went on, and the Dark One lost the urgency to find the rose bringer- for time changes everything. Until one day, the bell above the Pawnshop door chimed the presence of a customer.  This mightn’t have seemed strange, but seeing as it was before the shop had opened for business, and in the wee hours of the morning (4 o’clock to be precise) it was rather odd.

When Rumpelstiltskin had entered the main part of his shop- from where he had been taking inventory in the back room- he expected to see the familiar figures of Charming or Snow, or even the Savior herself. They weren’t uncommon guests in his domain, seeing as they more often than not needed his magical advice or guidance. But as he gazed about his store, the Dark One was caught off guard- for it wasn’t a regular patron who stood in the entryway. Though he was a part of the Charming clan.

“Henry,” Rumpelstiltskin said politely, quickly covering up his surprise at the unexpected development. “What on earth brings you here at such an early hour?”

The young boy- who was growing closer to the cusp of manhood everyday- stayed silent for a long moment, his brown eyes hesitant as they looked anywhere but the Deal-Makers’ face.

“Has something happened that I should be aware of,” Rumpelstiltskin prompted softly, coming from around the counter to stand before the boy. If a new threat had popped up, he’d better hear about it and fix it so he could have some peace and quiet.

Since he had married Belle, all the former-imp had wanted was a reprieve from the drama that seemed to fill the lives of the Fairytale denizens. And to have that peace from the insanity, he needed to take care of things before they reached their usual critical mass.  

But Henry shook his head- putting Rumple’s concerns to rest- though he still said nothing.

For a moment the two stood wordlessly, before Rumpelstiltskin decided to take control. Acting completely on impulse, and without a thought to why he was doing it, he placed a comforting hand on Henry’s shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. An understanding expression visibly brightened the man’s warm chocolate eyes as he gave the boy his full attention and tried to put him at ease.

“Freely say what it is you’ve come to say, without fear,” he said. “I will not be one to judge you.”

Henry stared into the man’s eyes, searching for truth in his statement, and he must have found it, for he gave an inaudible sigh and spoke.

“I was wondering . . .  wondering if you’d be willing to make a deal with m-me.”

Rumple’s eyebrow shot up. “I’m not really in the habit of making deals these days, Henry . . . They can lead to treacherous paths.”

Henry’s eyes lowered. “I know . . . but I was hoping you’d make an exception.”

As the Dark One looked at the boy standing before him, he somehow found that he couldn’t refuse him. His body language and countenance spoke of dashed hopes, and Rumple couldn’t have that.

 “What did you have in mind?”           

Henry lifted his gaze again hopefully, before he asked his favor, taking the Dark One completely by storm.

“I was wondering . . . if we could go to my dad’s grave together from now on. . .”

Rumpelstiltskin froze and Henry mistaking his stillness for refusal quickly continued.

“I didn’t want to bother you about it- and it doesn’t have to be a deal-deal . . .  I just hate to go alone, and Emma still hasn’t fully accepted his death. . .”

As Henry faded out, the older man gazed at him uncertainly- tears clouding his eyes in a twinkle of emotion.

“You’re the one leaving the other roses.” It wasn’t a question.

Henry nodded once. “There are tons of wild rose bushes that grow deeper in the woods. . . And with you leaving red ones, it almost seemed too good to be true.”

Rumpelstiltskin felt his heart clench in his chest before whispering a shaky, “Why?”

Henry’s expression grew bittersweet and tears rose in his eyes as well, matching Rumpelstiltskin’s. “I read a book: it said that if you combined two different types of roses it was a sign of unity . . . and I wanted my dad to know that he doesn’t have to worry about us. . . that we’ll stay connected and be alright even though he’s gone.”

Unbidden a small sound escaped the Dark One as he gazed down at the boy with more conflicting emotions than he could ever hope to name. It had been Bae’s son who had cared enough to leave the roses . . . Bae’s boy.

“We’re a family,” Henry continued. “All of us; and my dad wouldn’t want us to be separated. . . He worked hard to keep us together, so we should stay that way.”

Tears freely flowed down Rumpelstiltskin’s cheeks as the words of hope touched his heart and made him remember. Henry had always been a sweet lad, but in that moment he was a live reincarnation of Baelfire. And as the Dark One studied the innocent plains of the boy’s face he realized that he had never truly recognized him as his family. Before that moment, he had never really thought of Henry as his grandchild. But now, he couldn’t help but cling to the connection.

This boy wanted him to be a part of his life . . . his family, and by damned if Rumple wasn’t going to be there for him.

With shaky hands Rumpelstiltskin pulled Henry into a tender hug, crying with both happiness and sorrow when the boy returned the embrace.

“Will you come with me . . . grandpa-stiltskin?”

The Dark One laughed at the ridiculous nickname and hugged Henry tighter, smiling sincerely through his bittersweet tears. “Of course I’ll come . . . grandson.”

Family Unity

So I've finally caught up in Once Upon a Time and I'm officially broken. Baelfire/Neal's death took its toll on me (not because I was a huge Neal fan persay, but because of the effect it had on Rumple.) I felt unsatisfied with Rum's scenes after Bae's death (season 4 episodes excluded) and wanted to write a tribute in honor of the Dark One's son. :tears: 

I seriously wanted this to happen. I think that Henry and Rumpelstiltskin should have more scenes and bonding time on the show. They ARE family after all, and I think Bae would have liked them to be close after everything that's happened.

Family needs to stick together.

Anyway, my feels are shot, I'm an emotional wreck, and I'm severely sleep deprived. I'll see yall down the line.

(Oh and the freaking Rumbelle fluff in Season 4! *:iconfaintsplz: * They FINALLY did that BEAUTY AND THE BEAST DANCE! GAHHHHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!) :iconsobeautifulplz: *ugly sobs* 

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the cover photo used, Once Upon a Time, ABC studios, Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold, Baelfire/Neal, Henry Mills, Belle Gold :giggle:, Storybrooke, Robert Carlyle :drool:, or Red and White roses. 



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This week has been a monster. My internet went off just in time for FMA day (Oct. 3rd), my lights and gas were cut off for a day, my car died and I have no means to get it fixed, I am currently unemployed, and I'm being tormented by writers block. :worry: It seems like the universe is taking a dump on me lately, and honestly I'm sick of it. I can't seem to do anything right and I keep disappointing those who need me the most. I'm so so darn frustrated and lost. . . Ick. . . And depression and me are never a good mix. With my past of somewhat hateful thoughts, I always try to keep myself upbeat. But this week it's been very hard to stay postive. 

Anyway, I just wanted to update you guys on why I disappeared for a couple days. I'm doing alright other than the things I stated, and I'm trying to get some more writing done. I have the requests to finish and then I have to update several of my regular stories: Hypnotizer, Second Star to the Right, Redemption, etc.  

Thank you guys for always being so lovely and sweet, I love you and appreciate all the support you give me. :heart: Hope you guys are doing alright. 

Requests have been closed~

Hey babehs! :iconcocoloveplz: We reached 400 watchers! :iconbummy2: So you know what that means! I'm opening 6 request slots to celebrate! ;p 

So here's the dealio, please read the rest of this journal to find out how to request a XReader and my rules for it.  

  • First, these are ONLY Reader Insert requests. 
  • You MUST be one of my Watchers
  • I maintain the right to refuse a request if it doesn't suit me or my writing ethic. 
  • The first six people to comment who have suitable requests that I am comfortable with will have the slots.
  • You may ask me to come up with a plot or personally present one yourself, but if it is too complicated or too much I might refuse. 
  • I will only write stories from the list of fandoms I will present below.
  • It might take me some time to write and post your request due to my other stories and life engagements, but I will do my best to get them done in a timely manner. :aww: 
  • I will add peoples names and their request pairing to this journal when I have all 6 requests filled. And if you don't get a request, I will be opening cheap X-Reader commissions soon so you'll have your chance! :blush:

  • You can specify what kind of reader story you want: Child Reader, Sick Reader, Pregnant Reader, Overweight Reader, Shy Reader, Nerdy Reader etc. (Have fun with it lovelies!) 

Fandoms List:

(I will only take requests from these particular universes) 

:bulletred: Avengers (Thor, Loki, Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Banner, etc.) 

:bulletyellow: X-Men (Wolverine, Magneto, Professor X)

:bulletpurple: Batman - Nolan Verse, the Animated Series, Arkham Videogames (Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, Riddler, Black Mask, etc.) 

:bulletblack: Black Butler (Sebastian Michaelis, Ciel Phantomhive, Grell Sutcliff)

:bulletblue: BBC Sherlock (Sherlock Holmes)

I had two people request at the exact same time so I've decided to humor peeps and do 7 requests. ;p Never say I don't love yall, lols! :XD:

:bulletred: For those who have requested and I've accepted, please check your slot and make sure that I've gotten your request correct. 

1.) William T. Spears X Reaper Reader (requested by :iconknucklesechemerald: ) COMPLETED

2.) Young Magneto X Reader (requested by :iconaurosai: ) COMPLETED

3.) Wolverine X Reader (requested by :iconbeccyboo123:

4.) Loki X Reader (requested by :iconmaddchaos:

5.) Sebastian X Shy Reader (requested by :icongamergyrl:

6.) Sebastian X Angel Reader (requested by :iconseadragon99: 

Thanks guys! I'll get started on these right away! :iconcocoloveplz: 


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