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:bulletred: Things I won't write:

- Sex or Sexual situations

- Horrific gore or violence

- Gay or lesbian pairings (I have nothing against them, I just can't write it)

- Anthros/animals (yet again nothing against them, I just can't get the mannerisims right. :hmm:)

- Mary Sues

- Or anything I find uncomfortable (though I usually am pretty lax) 

:bulletgreen: Things I'm comfortable writing: 

- Reader Inserts 

- Romance (non-sexual as stated above, though some good old fashion sexual tension is alright. ;p

- Fluff

- Angst

- Drama 

- Fantasy

- Comedy/Humor

- Crime/Violence 

- Abuse/Torture situations (as long as it isn't over the top)

- Depressed/Anxious/Troubled/Insane characters

- AU's 

- and OC's as long as they fit my non Mary Sue criteria :D 

Fandoms and Universes I write for: 

:bulletblack: Once Upon a Time (TV Show) 

:bulletpurple: Avengers 

:bulletblack: Labyrinth

:bulletpurple: Skulduggery Pleasant (though I have limited knowledge) 

:bulletblack: Phantom of the Opera

:bulletpurple: Beetlejuice (cartoon and film)

:bulletblack: Batman (cartoons, games, and films)

:bulletpurple: Peter Pan (book, 2003 version -Jason Isaacs Hook is a specialty- Disney, Musical, and Hook)

:bulletblack: Hunchback of Notre Dame

:bulletpurple: Beauty and the Beast

:bulletblack: Disney ( ask me ) 

:bulletpurple: Fullmetal Alchemist/Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (anime)

:bulletblack: Black Butler (anime)

:bulletpurple: Ouran Highschool Host Club (anime) 

:bulletblack: BBC Sherlock

:bulletpurple: Harry Potter 

:bulletblack: Lord of the Rings (limited- ask about) 

:bulletpurple: Hobbit films (limited- ask about)

:bulletred: If the fandom you want isn't listed above, feel free to ask me about it!:D :bulletred: 

Prices and how to request a Commission: 

20 :points: per oneshot, due to the fact that the stories I produce are longer (2,000+ words) and unique in plot. 

I can write up to a 2-part fanfiction, which will be 40 :points: in total.

-  I reserve the right to post my work online: if I write you a story know that it will be posted in my gallery for my other readers to enjoy -

:bulletblue: If you want a commission please leave me a comment here telling me of your interest, and then once I've agreed to take your commission, send me a PM with more information and the points we've agreed to.   

:bulletgreen: Your PM should include: details for a plot line (unless you'd rather I come up with something), your OC's personality/background/physical description, which characters from the

original fandom you'd like included in the story, and what pairing you'd like (if any) 

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Sebastian-x-Shy Reader

:bulletred: Her Gentleman, Chess Piece: Part Two :bulletred: 

Lady Camilla Riverside let a private smile grace her lips, as she began her deft appraisal of the Lord who might be good enough to steal her daughter away. She had never met Lord Michaelis before, and if her doubts were to be put to rest, she would need to get inside his mind and study him at her leisure. If the man couldn’t be a pawn in some way or other, she wouldn’t let him near (F/n). It wasn’t wise to have a partner who was better than you in every way; especially if (F/n) was to have freedom as a married woman.  

As the men drew closer to where Camilla and (F/n) were seated, the elder Lady Riverside tallied points for each gentleman in her head. Though the Earl hadn’t stated an interest in courting (F/n), there was still a possibility for a match there as well, if Lord Michaelis failed to endear himself and take an interest in her daughter.

Though the Earl Phantomhive was but a boy- about the same age as (F/n), perhaps even a year or two younger. . . which would mean more years waiting for him to die. . . . Definitely not a favorable course of action!

You’ve both already lost some good favor, Camilla thought with nearly unbridled interest. One is too young, the other is unknown to me, and both are late to greet their guests. . . Though I suppose they are not unforgivably late; some might even argue they are fashionably so. Well played, my lords. You’re off the hook on that count, but I am not so easily won over. . .

It was as if the young Earl read Camilla’s mind for he spoke just then, seemingly answering her silent thoughts.

“Welcome Ladies, I apologize for our tardiness. Lord Michaelis and I were detained by a business matter; sadly it could not be helped. I hope that you can forgive our absence.”

Camilla dipped her head gracefully to him. “All is forgiven, my lord. We were just anxious to be in you and your good friend’s company this evening. We feared that something might have been amiss.”

Ciel waved off the comment in a cordial manner, though his disinterest was palpable. “It was a small malfunction that has now been resolved. It requires no more attention from anyone here.”

Camilla smiled slightly- though it was neither friendly nor happy- and then turned her gaze to look at her daughter. The necessary introductions had not yet been conducted, and Camilla wouldn’t waste another moment in remedying such a boorish slight.

 “I do not believe that you have had the opportunity to meet my daughter, Lord Phantomhive?”

Ciel turned his good eye to regard (F/n) then, “I have not.”

When he didn’t say more, Camilla took matters into her own hands again. “Then may I introduce my daughter, Lady (F/n) Riverside. My darling, this is Lord Phantomhive, our host.”

Camilla stared at her child, hoping that for once (F/n) would act normally and conform, but deep down despaired. And her fear was recognized when (F/n) merely nodded her head to the Earl. There were no prettily formed phrases such as ‘I am pleased to make your acquaintance,’ or ‘thank you for your invitation’ or even a bloody ‘hello’! Just a nod; a bland scandalous nod!

Lady Riverside was internally seething at her daughter’s failure, but kept her gentlewoman’s face in check, before turning her gaze back to the Earl. “I would introduce your friend, dear Ciel, but I am afraid I have never made his acquaintance before.”

Ciel lifted a brow slightly at the familiar way Camilla used his name, but quickly recovered with a hand swished in the other Lord’s direction.

“This is the man I was telling you about in our correspondence, Lady Camilla- my closest friend and ally.  Sebastian: Lady Camilla Riverside and Lady (F/n) Riverside.”

Camilla’s temper reared its ugly head once more at the absolute lack of propriety, but before she could state her annoyance aloud, Sebastian took his turn to greet her.

“Lady Camilla, it is a pleasure to finally meet you,” Lord Michaelis said with a small smile, inclining his head to both Camilla and (F/n). “Lord Phantomhive has spoken rather highly of you since he told me that you and your lovely daughter were to be his guests.”

Camilla wasn’t easily impressed, but the formal proclamation- no matter how stereotypical- was an antidote, and the formerly agitated woman fell into the familiar lull of niceties without a second thought.

“You speak too kindly, Lord Michaelis, but the sentiment is appreciated all the same. When the Earl was gracious enough to extend an invitation we were hopeless but to accept it.”

“Indeed,” Michaelis said, looking at Ciel as if he was in on a private joke. “Though I must warn you, my lady, he is one for games and the rarest kind of mischief. At least once during your stay, he will surely bewitch you with elegance or glamorous events.”

Camilla laughed- though it was a sincere laugh, it never reached a volume inappropriate for a lady. “Then we shall get along swimmingly, for I too am fond of games.”

For a moment Lord Michaelis studied Camilla, his beautiful wine colored eyes unreadable before his genial demeanor returned. “Good, then the surprises he has in store for us won’t be too astounding, and we shall steal some of his fire.”

“That is enough, Sebastian,” Ciel said firmly, though it was not an actual command, and a small smile appeared on his lips. “You bore me and surely our guests with such sugar-coated wiles.”

Sebastian smiled cheekily, “As you wish, Ciel. Just as long as you be sure to give us fair warning before you spring any means of entertainment.”

“I make no promises, Sebastian.”

“Then neither shall I, Lord Phantomhive.”

Camilla internally smiled at the friendly banter, and let an inaudible sight escape her lips. Lord Michaelis was a breath of fresh air; she was so far pleased as punch by the prospect of matching him with her daughter. Though she wouldn’t reveal as much until she was absolutely sure of the outcome. Not that she really needed much convincing; this Sebastian was at witty as he was handsome . . . Forget the Earl Phantomhive; Lord Michaelis was perfect!



Ciel Phantomhive was an overall decent actor and a fair liar, but so far he was having some trouble with maintaining his cover. The Earl had specifically given Sebastian the order to act as his equal- the plan wouldn’t have worked otherwise- but it was beginning to irk him. The insufferable demon was doing his job well- too well. Sebastian was unabashedly poking and prodding his Master. There were too many things that were hidden messages, and it was enough to drive the young man mad with annoyance. But since it was according to his previous wishes, Ciel continued to play his part.

Though as they finally settled in for dinner- Sebastian and himself on one side of the table, and the women mirroring them on the other- something felt off. It was true that the entire situation was absurd and strange, but it was more than that. It was an electricity in the air; a blind tugging on the gut that made one both excited and frightened . . . and there was no seeming reason for it, though the young Earl had his suspicions. For he had felt something similar many times in the past, whenever he ordered Sebastian to do something that demanded he use their contract seal. . . it was pure demonic energy.

What Ciel couldn’t figure out was why Sebastian was using it? Why it felt so horrifically strong. There wasn’t any threat being posed to himself or their guests, Sebastian was helping to keep the conversation flowing so there was no trouble there, and he had obviously earned Lady Camilla’s respect so there was no fear of the plan failing. . . So what other reason for the demon energy could there be? What was Sebastian hiding? What was Sebastian feeling?

As Ciel lifted another forkful of food to his lips he vowed that he would find out.



(F/n) was on absolute pins and needles as the meal progressed, though despite this she still refused to utter a single sound or syllable. Usually the young woman was emotionless as she sat in silence and read those around her, but tonight her heart was flipping uncomfortably in her chest, and her mind was abuzz with unlimited thoughts and questions.

Ciel Phantomhive was different than most, with a strange strength boiling beneath his surface like a mighty volcano readying itself to erupt. He was calm and calculated as he played the role of host, but (F/n) knew that if provoked his genial façade would slip off as easily as a custom-made glove.

Oh yes, the Earl was an interesting person indeed- one that (F/n) would wish to study further. But in truth, it was his companion- Lord Sebastian Michaelis- that caused the abnormal reaction in the normally unreachable young woman.

He was the most handsome man (F/n) had ever seen, with beautifully groomed black hair, a manly yet gentle face, and the rarest wine colored eyes. His evening clothes were a mixture of deep crimsons and blacks that matched his hair and eyes- quite similar to the Earl’s dress- and he cut quite a figure with his quick wit and clever tongue. But it wasn’t his physical or mental attributes that gave (F/n) pause. It was his aura; shrouding him like a second skin that made the young woman shiver.

This aura was invisible to the eye, but the feeling was undoubtedly there. . . Something dark . . . something treacherous. But it was also . . . welcoming.

(F/n) didn’t connect with people, yet now it didn’t seem like such an impossible notion anymore. Lord Michaelis was still unapproachable- like the rest of the faceless crowd of society- but in his presence she wasn’t excluded. Every word he said was somehow reaching her- and that had never happened before. Hand in hand with (F/n)’s regular apprehension and disgust there was also something soothing and comforting in the moment.  It was almost as if he put her at . . . ease.

It was disconcerting, and altogether worrisome.

As the main meal drew to its conclusion, (F/n)’s silent opinion grew, though she was extremely wary. It seemed thought that she would be the only one to do so, seeing as her mother was already acting as if she and Lord Michaelis were old chums from her glory days.

(F/n) was brought out of her deep thoughts by her mother’s voice just then, and unwillingly listened as her eyes studied the spotless tablecloth.

“How is it that I’ve never met you before now, Lord Michaelis,” Camilla asked as desert was served by the two male servants- Finny and Bardroy if (F/n) wasn’t mistaken. “You are so delightful; I believe that I should have met you long ago.”

Sebastian took an experimental bite from his pastry, and chewed thoughtfully. “My lady gives far too much credit to her humble servant. I have been abroad on and off for many years, though I fear that that is not what you wish to know.”

“Pish tish! What a tangled web you weave,” Camilla said with a giggle that was far more flirtatious than usual for her. “Then permit me to rephrase: why are you never at social gatherings? Surely you are in London enough to enjoy the company of others now and again?”

(F/n) watched knowingly as her mother took a bite to match Lord Michaelis’s. Whenever her mother wished to gain information she copied the physical movements or gestures of the person she was trying to connect with. It was unconscious way to gain trust, and sadly it had been proven many times to actually work. Though as the young woman watched the strange gentleman, he didn’t seem to be affected by it, and continued to chew his food without hurry.

When he had finally swallowed, Lord Michaelis did something that made (F/n) freeze in her seat. Though he respectfully answered Camilla’s inquiry, Sebastian specifically turned to gaze at the young woman instead.

“I find the social atmosphere to be stifling, more often than not, milady. I usually find more productive things to do in my spare time, than entertain and admire England’s elite. Though I can do so without discomfort, if the mood takes me.”

His wine colored eyes were looking directly into (F/n)’s (e/c) ones, and it made her blood feel as if it was on fire. Though he hadn’t moved from his seat, his gaze had infiltrated her privacy. In that moment, he knew all her secrets- or least it felt that way- and the young lady immediately shifted her eyes away.

Camilla, who had seemingly missed the brief exchange between her daughter and her new friend, beamed. “Well, my dear Sebastian, I must say that you are hopeless.”


At the question Ciel shifted in his seat, something that (F/n) caught though didn’t focus on, and Sebastian lifted a beautiful black eyebrow.

“Social graces are the only way to a good life,” Camilla elaborated, taking a generous sip from her wine glass. “Though I must admit you and (F/n) are a match made in heaven! The child can’t stand to be in a crowded room! Isn’t that right, dear?”

At this all three pairs of eyes turned to the young woman who hadn’t said a single word the entire meal. Ethereal blue, woodland brown, and wine red all regarded (F/n), waiting for her answer to the single affirmation. . . And it was too much. Too much attention, too many people prying, too many feelings.

Standing in one swift motion, the young woman accidentally knocked over her chair, and her eyes moved to the polished marble floor.

“Why would I wish to be in a crowded room, mother,” came the quiet and somewhat angry reply. “When I am so unworthy of the time they would spend on me?”

The surprise in her mother’s eyes was clear, and Ciel Phantomhive seemed almost proud of her for the outburst. But Lord Michaelis’s reaction remained a mystery, for (F/n) didn’t look at him. She couldn’t be caught in the vipers gaze again, so she did the only logical thing.

She ran away.  

With her hands clutching the sides of her skirt, (F/n) lifted the bothersome fabric and ran from the room, retracing her steps from when they entered the Phantomhive Manor and opening the front door with but a flick of her hand. Then she was running past the entrance and deep into the grounds, to the maze-like garden. It was only when she reached a solitary looking tree, far away from the house, that the young woman stopped to catch her breath.

Once she had done so, she looked around her in the fading day-light and sighed in relief. She hadn’t been followed . . . she was finally safe.



Lady Camilla had never been so embarrassed in her life, and it showed on her lovely face in the form of teary eyes and a crinkled brow. Though she wasn’t emotional enough as a lady to be hopeless in such a situation, she was angry enough where her reaction was extreme. Why would (F/n) say such a thing in front of new acquaintances? Camilla had warned her against such insolence before they had arrived, and yet somehow the child had still managed to make a fool of herself! It would have been better if the little brat had remained silent, as crazy as that sounded! Why, oh why, did she always have to ruin perfect situations!?

“I am sorry for my daughter’s brash behavior,” Lady Riverside said solemnly. “I don’t know what got into her.”

From his place across the table Lord Michaelis placed in napkin down on the table and rose from his chair. “The fault lies entirely with me, my lady. It was my error that led to the young Lady Riverside’s discomfort.”

Camilla knew that in fact it was her words that had set (F/n) off, but didn’t say so aloud. . . For Sebastian’s chivalry was the perfect opportunity to make some ripples. . .

“I should go talk to her . . . (F/n) becomes a danger to herself when she’s upset,” Camilla sniffled.

This wasn’t anywhere near the truth- (F/n) had never tried to harm herself, even when she was upset- but it was the perfect setup for a gentleman, and as predicted Sebastian took the bait.

 “Please, allow me to find her. I must make amends for my unfavorable words.”

“It is not your responsibility-” Camilla began, but Ciel interrupted her.

“Please, Lady Camilla, let him do it. Otherwise he’ll be insufferable the rest of the evening.”

“Well,” Camilla paused briefly, “Alright.”

Sebastian chuckled as he bowed to both Ciel and Camilla, and then turned on his heel. “I shall be back shortly.”

Lady Camilla was beyond pleased with herself, as her plan to test Michaelis was going well. Though (F/n) had been upset, she would undoubtedly tell Camilla everything that the Lord did while in her presence. If he was inappropriate or too forward, Camilla would know. And if he was the perfect gentleman, she could celebrate the prospect of a spring wedding.

Things were going according to plan!  

. . .  Or at least that’s what Camilla thought. Though if she had seen the look shared between Ciel and Sebastian and the smile that the latter had plastered to his lips, she might have thought differently.

Sebastian x Shy Reader: Chess Piece- Part Two
Here's part two, darlings! :iconcocoloveplz: I know how anxious yall were to get part two, so I decided to post tonight. I won't have time in the next day or two, so I had to do it tonight. :aww: Though because of that I only had time to edit it once. ^^; Hope there aren't too many mistakes and typos. lols

So any ideas what's going on between Sebastian and the Reader? I'd love to hear your guesses. ;p 

:bulletred: Part One:

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the cover photo used, Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, Sebastian Michaelis, Ciel Phantomhive, Bard, Finny, Meirin, the Phantomhive Manor, or Victorian England.

Tarnisis (c) Lady Camilla Riverside belongs to me
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45 deviations

:bulletred: Sebastian-x- Shy Reader: Her Gentleman, Chess Piece :bulletred: 

Lady Camilla Beatrice Riverside was a woman of divine beauty and overflowing fortune. Throughout Europe she was revered for her name and personal gifts, and all of this praise and respect was uniquely and well-earned. Having been born to a British Aristocrat family and then marrying well when she was young, the woman had made quite the reputation for herself. She was cunning and had the delicate virtues that any true lady should have, as well as a flair for authority, so she had bypassed everyone’s expectations and gone exceedingly far in terms of her social climbing and wealth.  

Her husband, the right honorable Lord Mathew Riverside had died a handful of years past from tuberculosis and Lady Camilla had never remarried. She had respected her late spouse and hadn’t found the need to chain herself to another man when she was perfectly happy and freed as she was. (It was a fact that the gift of doing as one pleased was bestowed only upon men and widowed women of great fortune.) So Camilla stayed put in her ‘martial loneliness’ and enjoyed herself.  Besides, she had a daughter to bring-up and it would just be a troublesome bother if a new husband tried to help mold the girl. The task of raising (F/n) was Camilla’s job and she would do so without anyone’s help.

. . . Or at least that’s what she had believed. Though as more and more time passed and Lady Camilla’s daughter grew older, it was apparent to the woman that her child was abnormal. At first, Camilla had thought that her daughter’s quirks would fade with discipline and time, but now as (F/n) faced the budding age of sixteen (proper marrying age in high society) the disappointed mother had had to face facts. The girl was different; an absolute disaster and nothing Camilla could do would change that.

(F/n) had all the raw materials there, for she was rather pretty (nothing like Camilla had been as a young woman, but still pleasant to the eye) she knew the manners and educate of the upper class, and was the sole heiress to a singularly large fortune when she was married off or Lady Camilla Riverside passed on- but despite all these boons the girl was hopeless.

When (F/n) entered a room she had no lady-like flair or flirtation powers- as was expected for a lady trying to get a marriage contract- instead she slunk off to a quiet side of the wall and kept to herself. When she was meant to entertain gentleman or young ladies, like herself, she stuttered and fumbled helplessly until someone else picked up the conversation or she was forgotten altogether. And at social gatherings . . . oh! it was too horrible to comprehend!

(F/n) Riverside was a menace and disgrace to the title of Lady, and Lady Camilla was officially at her wits end.

So when the downtrodden woman had heard through the grapevine from a friend that there was a young Lord with a valet that could do the impossible, she leapt at the chance. Pride was cast aside and hopeful prayers were given willingly. Heavens knew that Lady Camilla had tried to fix her daughter’s awkward ways on her own; and heavens knew that she had failed miserably. But Lady Riverside wasn’t one to give up; so she sent word to the Lord in question asking for his assistance. No matter the price she would cure her child of this damnable shyness and devil’s personality. No matter what, her child would be wed and have her happily ever after!  




“Master, are you sure this is what you want?”

“It is.”

Sebastian Michaelis- the demon butler- looked up from the letter he was holding in his gloved hand, to gaze at the young man of 15 who was currently looking out the window.

“This sounds like a fairly simple task. . .”

“Then why are you so reluctant to do it,” the young man- Ciel the Earl of the Phantomhive- asked with a smirk, his beautiful blue eye never leaving the swirling flakes of snow outside his study window.

Sebastian lifted a singular eyebrow. “I didn’t think you were into doing charitable acts for neighbors, my lord.”

“I’m not,” Ciel replied in a voice that cracked slightly due to his adolescent age. The Earl was now on the cusp of becoming a man, and it showed in his limbs that had turned somewhat muscular and his face that was losing its childish softness for a solid jaw line and brow. “But having someone like Lady Riverside as an ally will undoubtedly come in handy. She’s got connections that even I lack, and she always repays her debts when the proper services are rendered.”

The demon butler returned his master’s smirk then, and bowed his head. “You never fail to astound me. Even among your own kind you are a cutthroat.”

Ciel laughed as he reached for his teacup and saucer, taking an elegant sip. “Don’t tell me that my methods don’t appeal to you after all these years, Sebastian? You are a demon afterall.”

“I am well accustomed to your methods,” the demon replied sincerely. “But humans are fickle creatures.  . . If I am to play my part correctly, Master, the young Lady Riverside will fall in love with me.”

From the way that Ciel’s expression didn’t change, Sebastian knew that he didn’t think this was a problem.

“Yes, she will.”

Sebastian’s face remained impassive, but internally he was curious. “Does that not bother you, Master? Or do you purposefully wish to break the young lady’s heart?”

“Lady (F/n) Riverside’s heart will remain intact, and she will continue to be my chess piece for years after this little game is through.”

“How, Master?”

Ciel’s one good eye twinkled with amusement as he said over the brim of his teacup, “You’ll love her back, of course.”



Lady Camilla was abuzz with anticipation as walked towards (F/n)’s chambers, though on the outside she remained the delicate and graceful gentlewoman. No matter what, one always had to look ones best; there were no exceptions. Though today the woman was very close to breaking her own rule, and skipping down the corridor, for the future was looking extremely bright. Her prayers had been answered, and the outcome would be better than she had originally thought possible!

As Lady Camilla continued on her designated path, she once more glanced down at the letter in her hand with a relieved eye. The letter she had received in response from Lord Phantomhive on the subject of her unchangeable daughter had been nothing short of a God send.  And as the woman began to reread it for the tenth time since she had first opened it nearly a day ago, she let a smile grace her face.  


My dear Lady Riverside,

I was most distressed to hear of your daughter’s predicament and your own frustration due to the matter. It is unjust that you should both suffer, and I happily now may inform you that your plea for help has not fallen on deaf ears. After some deliberate thought to the situation I do believe that I have found a solution that will be both helpful and productive for yourself and the young Lady Riverside as well.

Your information on my valet is most correct; he is very able and can carry out any task that he is given. But for your particular purposes he would not be useful. Though you must not despair; I have found an alternative gentleman that will suit well.

This gentleman I speak of is a Lord that I am well acquainted with, who is currently looking to marry and settle down. He has been searching for a young lady for nearly two years, though none he has become acquainted with have managed to capture his attention. He wishes to find a partner different from the rest, and your daughter sounds like someone he would take delight in. He doesn’t want a young lady who conforms or shows any stereotypical traits, so he will not be one to quickly judge the Riverside name due to anything your daughter might or might not say or do. He is a safety net for you, Madame and I believe the match to be one worth exploring.

I can vouch for his character and personal honour, as well as his standing in society and inheritance.  By your leave, I would have you and your daughter come to my manor to meet him at your earliest convenience. He will be staying with me for quite some time as my guest, and I would be pleased to have you to spend the week’s end with us as well. Whether or not Lord Michaelis is worthy of my lady’s standards cannot be yet decided, but no matter the outcome we will be most pleased with your presence here at the Phantomhive Manor and hope to be of use to you.  

I most eagerly await your reply. Hoping you are in good health and spirits,

~ The Earl of Phantomhive


Lady Camilla celebrated internally as she finished the letter and came to a stop in front of her child’s rooms. A valet acting as (F/n)’s tutor to correct her error ridden ways would have been wonderful, but to have a gentleman who wanted a lady to be different was more than she could have hoped! Though the man would have to be tested thoroughly before any permanent decisions could be made, the mother was excited and was more hopeful than she’d been in a long, long time.  

Knocking once on (F/n)’s door, the older lady entered to find her daughter sitting at her window seat with a book in hand. Camilla moved closer and saw that it was Shakespeare and fought the urge to roll her eyes. It was amazing how many romantic ballads and stories (F/n) read, and yet she had no inclination to have the real thing for herself. Poor, strange creature that she was.

“Darling, come away from there. The carriage is ready and waiting for us. It is time to go.”

(F/n) didn’t look away from her book as she mumbled something under her breath, and Camilla took another step closer.

“What was that?”

“I don’t want to go, mama,” (F/n) said louder this time, so that Camilla could hear. “You will have a better time at Lord Phantomhives estate if I am not present; I cannot upset you if I am not with you.  Can I not stay here, and let you have a relaxing holiday in my absence?”

“This most generous of invitations was only given because of you, child. So there is no question of you coming or staying in this drafty room.”

“But I will embarrass you,” the young woman said softly. “Like I always do. Despite my best intentions or deepest wishes to make you proud. . . I will shame you again.”

Camilla felt her heart go out to her awkward child, and slowly sat on the edge of the window seat. With motherly affection, the woman took (F/n)’s hand in her own and squeezed it. Though Lady Riverside was frustrated by how different her daughter was, there was no question that she loved (F/n).

“You do not embarrass or shame me, (F/n),” she said. “And I would let you live your own life if it was in my power. But in this world, an unmarried woman is limited. Even with the fortune I’ve left you, you’d be unable to use it. Men rule over us, and we must be pawns until we have either lived long enough, or grown strong enough to push back and gain our wings.”

A strange emotion shone in Lady Camilla’s beautiful woodland eyes for a brief moment before she returned to her regular self. The momentary transformation was strange, but it didn’t last long enough to cause alarm, though (F/n) continued to wonder upon it.   

“Marry a gentleman, have a child, wait till he dies, then you won’t ever have to be bothered with society again.”

(F/n) stared at her mother for a long second before asking, “But what if my husband doesn’t die?”

Camilla was silent for a moment before a smile broke out on her beautiful face and she laughed. “That would be problem, wouldn’t it? Well, that’s what you have me for. We’ll make sure you marry someone older so you don’t have to wait too long. How does that sound, my darling?”

To (F/n) this wasn’t much of a comfort- or to Camilla if truth be told- but the young woman knew that she couldn’t fight it. Her mother was right. Women had to work a strategy to survive and she needed to set her chessboard.

“Not too old please,” (F/n) said with a small smile of her own, making Camilla lean forward and kiss her cheek.

“Of course not, darling. Now grab your shawl, we’ve got to leave now or we’ll never make it to the Phantomhive Manor in time for dinner.”



(F/n) had always seen the world differently than those around her. Even as a little girl she had always been someone outside looking in, and in truth it had never bothered her. To be left alone to observe and listen was far more appealing, than being the focus of attention; someone who never stopped making noise. That’s all talking in social gatherings seemed to be most of the time; noise and squawks. Meaningless sounds that made one look like a fool and a fop. If something was needed to be said, then it should be stated without excess words. To lie, or preach, or yell, or bewail was foolhardy. It wouldn’t get anything accomplished, nor make the slightest bit of difference when it came to action, so why waste time?  

Once, years before, (F/n) had tried to explain this to her mother when she had reprimanded her for not speaking out, and the result had been nothing short of hellacious. Camilla’s wrath because of (F/n)’s lack of social niceties had been something that the young woman would never forget. But despite this, her opinion hadn’t changed at all. She hated being pointless, and that’s all high society seemed capable of. That and bloody gossip. . .

Not that (F/n) didn’t appreciate talking; she often found pleasure in the gift of cleverly woven words. But the young woman was tired of people killing the beauty of the speech itself. They always lied or falsified their purposes, and it bothered her to no end. (F/n) could easily read those who presented themselves to her, and the results usually left a lot to be desired. So she had long ago stopped trying to connect with those around her. What was the point when it would always be a charade?

Now as (F/n) entered the giant mansion alongside her mother, she mentally prepared herself. What would come from this visit to the Phantomhive Manor were more uncomfortable moments and memories she didn’t want to make. But she had promised her mother in the carriage that she would try, so she would. Though her attempts always turned to mumbles and awkward truths that killed the fluidity her mother set up, she wouldn’t let it get her down.

From the way (F/n) fumbled each social attempt at connection, Camilla had long since thought that her child hated human contact, but it wasn’t true. The girl craved it, but had long since given up hope that she’d ever get the kind she needed. So the game continued, and (F/n) got used to being a few pawns shy of a full board. . .

“Now, darling, remember what I told you,” Lady Camilla said as they were ushered into the large dining room by a rather shaky maid with large spectacles.

“Yes mama,” (F/n) said as the maid led them to the large table in the center of the room. Two lads in gentleman’s coats pulled out chairs for the two noble women and they sat.

As they pushed (F/n) and Camilla in, the younger of the two males chanced a glance at them and (F/n) noted their faces. The young woman always remembered faces, and took great pains to catalogue those she met, though those she observed almost always remained oblivious to her scrutiny. One man was young with blonde hair and happy eyes, and the other was older, darker blonde, and smelled of tobacco. They didn’t seem to be used to the clothes they were wearing because of the way they moved, but they were trying. You gave them silent credit for this, since you never felt comfortable in new clothing either.

Good for them, (F/n) thought as she once more turned her attention to her mother. Lady Camilla was completely at ease- this was where she excelled- and had her gorgeous game face on. Public displays of being a lady were what she was best at, and being the highborn lady of renown was something that came naturally to her. Though deep down Camilla was kindhearted, in moments like this, only the snooty well-bred woman of wealth came forth. (F/n) hated how different her mother acted, but had long since learned that she was unable to stop her from doing so.

Camilla purposefully turned her head towards (F/n), though from the gleam in her eyes the girl could tell the two male servants were meant to hear what her mother was going to say.

“Do you think Lord Phantomhive has forgotten us, (F/n)? Or does he find amusement in keeping his guests waiting?”

You saw both servants exchange glances before the younger spoke up, something that you felt bad for- since you knew what it would mean.

“I’m sorry, Ma’am,” he said. “The young master is running late due to business. Both he and Sebas-Lord Michaelis are detained.”

Lady Camilla instantly turned to glare at the servant who had spoken. “How dare you speak without direction! Insolence! Absolute insolence!

The young man in question looked confused. “I’m sorry, Ma’am, I didn’t mean-”

“SILENCE!” Camilla turned away from the servant. “If Master Phantomhives’ servants feel that they are able to speak equally with their Master, then I shall not have another thing to do with him!”

“Mama, please,” (F/n) whispered with a shake of her head.

“Hush, child,” was the reply. “They are not worthy of talking to us. They are lower-class slum that are here to do as we command without question or doubt. It is their place and they should keep it.”

(F/n) strongly disagreed, but she knew it wouldn’t do any good to argue. The young woman had had arguments over the topic with her mother countless times, but in the end Camilla would merely state that she was naïve and that would be that. But somehow . . . this time was different. . . This time it wasn’t a family servant . . .  this time it was a stranger who hadn’t done anything wrong.

“Mother, you speak out of turn,” (F/n) said firmly, though her voice was still quiet. “These men are in the charge of Lord Phantomhive, and if the Earl trusts them to serve us properly we should respect that judgment.”

Lady Camilla eyes grew wide at the contradiction- (F/n) never spoke out like that in public- and frowned.


“No, mother,” (F/n) said before turning to the servant who had spoken before. Though the young woman wasn’t comfortable talking to people, she made an exception. “Please tell . . .”

(F/n) took a deep breath and forced herself to continue. “Will you please let Lord Phantomhive and Lord Michaelis know that we are here? We were expected, and I do believe that my mother is growing anxious with the wait.”

The young servant gave (F/n) a sweet smile- he seemed to be a carefree and innocent sort of person. “Yes, Ma’am! I’ll go tell the master right away!”

“That won’t be necessary, Finny” a new voice said from the entrance of the grand room. “You and Bardroy may return to your other duties.”  

Both young and old Ladies Riverside and the two male servants looked over towards the doorway to see who had entered. (F/n) had never met the Lord Phantomhive before, but she’d heard enough from her mother to know that he was younger in years, and as cunning as a fox. Between the two gentlemen that stood proudly before them, it was rather obvious which was not the Earl Phantomhive. Though both gents were surprising.

Ciel Phantomhive was shorter in stature than the other man, though his presence was commanding and awe-inspiring. What he lacked in height he made up for in appearance and bearing. With only one good eye shining out beneath a cropping of grayish blue hair, he regarded his guests and gave a nod of welcome. He wore beautiful blue and gray evening clothes that went well with his complexion, and shoes that clacked when he walked. But it was truthfully the other man who held (F/n)’s attention.



When Sebastian Michaelis had entered the dining room by Ciel’s side, in the attire of a gentleman and with strict orders to act as if their contract was non-existent, the demon relished in what was in store. He was meant to do the impossible- an almost every day occurrence for the demon turned butler. The young Lady Riverside was shy and a bit on the awkward side of things; but such humanistic traits were easy to alter if given the proper abolishment process. The task set out by Ciel would be well within Sebastian means of completing, so he strode with absolute confidence and a permanent mirth twinkled in his wine colored eyes.  

It was rather liberating to walk through the house without acting as a slave to his master, and Sebastian enjoyed the freedom of the action. Though his contract was still officially in play, the servitude had been placed on hold until the matter of (F/n) Riverside was resolved. Depending on the young lady, the transformation might take two days, perhaps three if Sebastian lived up to his title. Four at the longest. . . Or at least that was what the demon had thought before he set his all-seeing eyes on her.

She was pretty for a human, but this observation wasn’t important to Sebastian as moved forward with Ciel and properly greeted the ladies in question. He had seen his fair share of humans with physical traits described as beautiful, and it had never meant much to him. The young lady Riverside was no exception to this rule. Though what he saw at the center of her was altogether intriguing. Her core . . . her heart was magnificent! Though for anyone else, what was housed within Lady (F/n) Riverside would have been downright disturbing to behold.

And as Sebastian Michaelis settled down at the table across from her, he internally smiled. This recent task would take much longer than two or three days, but it was no matter. For the demon knew that he would enjoy every second of it.

Sebastian-x- ShyReader: Her Gentleman, Chess Piece
This is a request for :icongamergyrl: who wanted a Sebastian x Shy Reader story, though it grew in size and I've decided to make this a chapter story. I have no idea how long it'll be, but I've got the main plot line down! :D 

Hope yall enjoy, and hope everyone was in-character! Sorry for no Reader/Sebby interaction this chapter! That'll come next time, I promise! 

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the cover photo used, Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, Sebastian Michaelis, Ciel Phantomhive, or Victorian England. 


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Anyway, I just wanted to update you guys on why I disappeared for a couple days. I'm doing alright other than the things I stated, and I'm trying to get some more writing done. I have the requests to finish and then I have to update several of my regular stories: Hypnotizer, Second Star to the Right, Redemption, etc.  

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